Survivor Series is coming at us fast and WWE needed to put some last minute pieces into place. As WWE goes, every main decision is at the discretion of Vince McMahon and sometimes he likes to wait until the last moment to make some things happen. But the go-home Raw for Survivor Series was the best time as any to make changes to the big matches on the card and that’s exactly what happened in Atlanta.

Jason Jordan was a part of Team Raw leading to Survivor Series but some retribution from Bray Wyatt after he was defeated by Kurt Angle’s baby boy made it pretty much impossible to ignore WWE wasn’t putting too much value in Jordan at this time. If anything, it looked like Bray Wyatt might be taking Jordan’s spot. After all, Bray and Randy Orton were the two sole survivors during 2016’s big men’s match.

Later on, in the show, Kurt Angle came down and JJ followed. Stephanie McMahon chastised Angle for his son’s performance and Triple H ended up coming down, taking Jordan’s spot, and giving him a Pedigree for good measure.

PWInsider reports that Vince McMahon hadn’t made the decision to switch Jason Jordan out for Triple H until late in the weekend. This choice only gave Jason Jordan around 48 hours to prepare for his epic scene where he turned on the waterworks and gave the dramatic performance of his life while begging his Papa Kurt not to kick him off of Team Raw.

Therefore, it looks like you can never really tell if WWE is going to switch things up. After all, they need to figure out a master plan sooner or later. The big worry I have is so many of these last minute changes might give off the impression Vince McMahon and company might not look like they know which direction they’re going.

Of course, stranger things have happened before so there could be even more changes on the way for WWE’s big November Classic. Stay tuned, guys.