There have been plenty of WWE Superstars come and go who could have honestly done a lot more with their time in WWE. Damien Sandow had all the tools to make it in WWE and he achieved popularity in spite of how he was booked by WWE. But that didn’t seem to help him with the people in charge of things.

He took everything WWE gave him and ran with it as far as he could. Although his purpose on the roster might have been to make others look good, he actually turned a substantial portion of the fanbase to his side. There were times while Sandow was doing his thing as The Miz’s stunt double when there was more attention to what Damien Sandow was doing outside the ring than the action inside the squared circle.

But since his WWE release in 2016, it doesn’t look like Damien Sandow has much interest in pro wrestling anymore. The Alchemist Of Entertainment recently took part in a little Twitter Q&A where he revealed that he is working on other projects he just can’t reveal them just yet.

But when the question came up about WrestleMania and NXT, it turns out that Damien Sandow has no idea because he hasn’t seen it.

He was also asked if he would ever get back into pro wrestling again. Sandow said that he would never say never because that is impossible to do when you’re talking about WWE but at this time he has no desire to.

His tenure with WWE and cup of coffee elsewhere might have changed the 35-year-old’s mind about continuing a career in pro wrestling.

He was asked if he would ever wrestle again and he said, “no idea.” Therefore it’s not certain that Damien Sandow will never wrestle again but you might not want to hold your breath on the subject.

If anything it might be best just to keep track of him if you’re really a fan and support everything he does from this point on.