The state of Delaware has a huge problem with how Enzo Amore signed his driver’s license. In the space where people usually write their name, The Realest Guy In The Room decided to get a little creative to say the least.

But it doesn’t look like Enzo’s backing down at the constant request from the state of Deleware to change his signature.

All celebrities need to have different ways of signing their name for official documents and  fan autographs, therefore, maybe Enzo Amore’s way of signing his real name “Eric Arndt” on government documents looks like a dong? It would make sense seeing how he has such a great sense of humor.

Amore said on an Instagram post, “There ain’t no way the state of Delaware is gonna tell me how to sign my own license! I’ve been signing this signature since grade school! Looks like an EA to me, Delaware!”

He later commented saying, “I know my rights, & I know how to sign my signature. And the State of Delaware is about to find that out.”

It doesn’t sound like he’s going to be changing his signature on his driver’s license anytime soon. Maybe he did it for a joke or maybe he just wasn’t thinking. Then again, he could have drawn his name like this so any police officer looking at it might have another reason to be annoyed by him.

Just in case you were wondering, Enzo Amore doesn’t sign his name like frank and beans when he’s doing his autograph for fan signings. I happened to snag this piece of merchandise awhile back and as you can see, his signature looks more like Enzo Amore than bits and pieces.

Let’s just assume nobody should start doing this kind of thing on their driver’s license because only Enzo Amore should probably get away with things like this.