drew mcintyre

When Dolph Ziggler was drafted to Raw during the Superstar Shake-Up a few weeks ago, he brought a very special friend with him when Drew McIntyre returned to the main roster. Since then Drew and Dolph have been trying to climb the ladder in the tag team division on Raw, and WWE recently revealed that a new shirt for the team, which can be seen below, is set to be released soon.

WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler recently spoke to The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast about various topics, and during the interview he recalled the first time that he ever saw Vince McMahon work as a heel.

“That was part of the deal of Vince sending us some talent to help us out and keep us a float while I was working up there as well. It first started with basically the deal of me and Bret was going really big in the WWE and I asked Vince if it was a possibility we could send Bret and Owen and some of the guys down here to help us out on Monday nights in Memphis so that is what we did.”

“The one thing I can’t remember is I think that I had one of our Memphis Championship belts up there with me and I think it was Vince’s idea to make an interview and promo holding the belt talking about how he was sending the WWE talent down. I think it was his first opportunity to become a heel and to talk down to the fans because in the past all Vince had ever done was the commentary in WWE and talk about the product and talk good to the fans. But when he was defending the WWE against the Memphis territory, it was his first opportunity to be a heel and I think he fell in love with it. He volunteered to come down and he sat ringside during one of the matches and wound up tripping me and had Pat Patterson as his bodyguard and I honestly belive that was the genesis for the heel Mr. McMahon, who I think and still in my mind is the best heel (and I’m not saying this because I work for the guy or kiss up to him) but during the Attitude Era with Stone Cold Steve Austin and the stuff with The Rock, I think he is the best heel that has ever been in the WWE.”

The full episode can be downloaded here.