Diamond Dallas Page recently spoke withJourneyOfaFrontman.com. Here are some highlights: 

What was going through his head on Shark Tank?
“Well you know, there was parts where there was tension. I thought they did such an amazing job on the edit. I was just like, “Wow!” I was blown away. It was what it should be, an inspirational piece. It didn’t matter whether we got a deal or not, it was amazing all the way around. That’s the way I see it.”

Wrestlers using DDP Yoga:
“Well, the best example I can give you is the guy who really gave me the credibility, Chris Jericho. He had herniated his L4 when he was doing Dancing with the Stars. Even though the show was really physical, it wasn’t that. It was the twenty years of wrestling he had prior to that. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak. I heard he was out and the doctor said he was done, the same thing happened to me at forty two, and now he’s forty. They’re saying he’s done, so I sent him the video of Arthur’s transformation, a disabled veteran (that was told that he would never be able to walk on his own ever again) who with DDP Yoga, lost one hundred and forty pounds in ten months and was able to walk and run on his own, gaining tremendous balance and flexibility along the way. The video has over ten million views.

I sent it to Jericho about two and a half years ago. When he saw the video, he said, ”Send me whatever he did and I will do whatever you want me to do.” And he followed the plan exactly the way I taught him. In five weeks, he was eighty five percent pain free. In three months, he was a hundred percent pain free. He headlined Wrestlemania two years ago in Miami, then he worked for a couple more months, then he took off and went touring with his band Fozzy for six months. And then he showed up at the Royal Rumble in January of 2013. If you’re not wrestling all the time, you fly out there in the first five minutes, you’ll be blown sky high. But because DDP YOGA is a kickass cardiovascular workout that dramatically increases your flexibility and strengthens your core with minimal joint impact, he was able to come back and wrestle a match because of my workout and the level that he does it. He was the number two spot in the Royal Rumble, he wrestled for forty seven minutes and fifty three seconds. He only does one workout, DDP YOGA. That’s the greatest testimony I can give to you.

There’s at least thirty guys who are doing it, whether it’s Dustin Rhodes or Ryback or Sandow, there’s a bunch of ‘em that are doing the workout. All the young kids are doing it, the guys that are coming up trying to get their break in the WWE Performance Center down there. So it’s pretty much across the board right now.”

Working with Heath Slater for RAW 1000:
“I thought it was awesome. I love the kid. He was having the time of his life because he was a fan of all of us. So he couldn’t wait for the Vader Bomb or the Diamond Cutter. I mean he loved it. And he’s a good kid, he’s a damn good worker. I hope at some point he actually gets the push. He could back it up because he can talk and he can work.”

Fans chanting for CM Punk and Daniel Bryan during segments:
“I love it. (laughs) In a very different way, that’s what happened for me. The bookers weren’t doing shit with me. If you look at 1996, I work with Eddy, we had amazing matches together. But I also worked enhancement matches because that was most of the shit they gave me. The crowd though, watch a video called Diamond Cutters on Everyone. Just watch that video. It’s about four minutes long. And watch the people pop when I hit the Diamond Cutter and they pop a little more, a little more, and then a lot more, then a really lot more, then a f***in’ crazy lot more. Ten thousand people in the building would jump to their feet because of all the ways I did the move, it came out of nowhere. You watch that video all the way through, go back and watch it, watch and see who I hit that on. Sting or Hogan or Nash? No, none of ‘em. It was all enhancement guys. So the crowd was with me crazy. WCW had to do something with me. And Daniel Bryan, a couple weeks back where he ended up on top of the cage doing the “Yes!”, holy shit. To me, that’s as over as I’ve ever seen anybody. It may be the most.”