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Chris Jericho has been lucky enough to have a long career in the professional wrestling business, and he’s currently sitting in the top spot in All Elite Wrestling as the AEW World Champion.

It’s been a while since Jericho has wrestled a match in a WWE ring, but he still keeps up with the product, and during a recent interview with Sportskeeda he shared his thoughts on some of the moves WWE has been making with The Fiend lately.

“I watched Survivor Series and it was really good. But they had this promo with Daniel Bryan and Miz and it’s like, for the sake of our children, our families, you have to stop The Fiend. Nobody talks like that.

You know what I mean? You can still put the guy over big time but, not worry, like, what… is he’s going to come to your house and break in your house and steal your kids… it’s just not believable. And it’s cartoonish in a bad way.”

Chris Jericho went on to talk about which WWE star he thinks would do well in AEW, and he explained how AEW would allow Roman Reigns to show a different side of himself.

“If you had a guy like Roman Reigns in AEW, he would be so over. Roman is so legit, a real cool dude, man. He’s a great guy. He’s super cool. He’s like the guy you want to hang out with.

And you know, they never portray him like that on the show. They always give him these promos to read and the real Roman Reigns never really shines through.”

Do you think Roman Reigns would get over in AEW? Sound off in the comments below.

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