In the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer noted WWE would probably add another championship match to the WrestleMania 33 card. He said if all things work out the way he sees them, American Alpha would be defending their Smackdown Tag Team Championships against The Usos on the kickoff show.

Well, that sill might be the plan but they are jump starting that feud in a big way because WWE just announced that American Alpha will put their pretty blue tag belts on the line against Jimmy and Jey Uso tomorrow night on Smackdown Live.

Last week’s match between these two teams was merely used as framework in which the ongoing Shane McMahon/AJ Styles feud developed within using picture-in-picture screens.

Hopefully these four amazing talents will get more of a spotlight that allows them to excel and really show what they’re capable of.

Mojo Rawley is always looking to bring the hype, and stay hyped. The former football star knows his way around a gym to say the least and also realizes the importance of improvisational tactics in regards to working out.

So, when Mojo needs a little extra weight to push around, he just grabs a guy who weighs a little to help him out. James Ellsworth was in the right place at the right time today, and he did the job perfectly.

Rawley decided to show us how creative he can get in the gym in a video that is just awesome and another example of why we are so entertained by Mojo around here at Still Real To Us.