cane hill

WrestleMania weekend was full of big moments that fans will never forget, and many of the big moments took place at NXT TakeOver: New Orleans. The event was action packed from start to finish, and Cane Hill kicked off the show with a high octane performance.

Vocalist Elijah Witt recently spoke with Darren Paltrowitz and touched on a number of subject during an interview for SportsKeeda, and he talked about how they ended up forming a working relationship with WWE.

“WWE has an entire team dedicated to finding and pitching music that would fit seamlessly into the metal world. Them, along with our own management team, really came together, getting us the opportunities.”

Elijah was also asked if there was anything about the NXT experience that surprised the band and he noted that everyone backstage made them feel very comfortable.

“How well-organized it was and how well everyone treated us. We still feel like a tiny band that doesn’t need to be respected or won’t be respected, rather, at these massive events. But everyone at NXT and WWE made sure we were comfortable and having a good time. I can’t even tell you the number of pep talks the music department gave us before we were taking the stage. They kept us level and genuinely happy and excited to be there.”

If you missed it, you can check out Cane Hill’s performance from NXT TakeOver: New Orleans below.