Bret Hart is the Excellence Of Execution and a DVD of his matches should probably come with any starter package to become a true pro wrestling fan. He is the best there was, the best there is, and the best there ever will be — even at 60-years-old when he’s unable to wrestle his mind is a treasure trove of wrestling knowledge.

The WWE Hall Of Famer recently appeared on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast where he opened up about a very interesting subject. Apparently, Bret Hart tried to work something out with WWE around 2012 in a backstage capacity.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t work anything out because WWE wanted too much of The Hitman’s time, but his influence in a backstage role would have been outstanding.

“I hesitated on that for a long time,” Hart revealed via WrestlingInc. “It was about four years ago I went up to them and threw the ball at them, made that pitch that I could give them ideas and help with the writing of the shows, creation of the matches, and how storylines would go and so forth.”

“I think I would be really good for them, but I sort of made the offer, but the way it was thrown back at me was about the schedule. I was letting them know that I didn’t want to be on the road every day but that I could fly in for TV. And I think I left with letting them know that I can fly in for TV and never heart from them. Vince and Triple H thanked me for the offer and we left it at that.”

If only Bret Hart’s schedule and desire to be at home didn’t conflict with what WWE would have needed him for. Who knows how different WWE would be at this point if they were working on their fifth year with Bret Hart as an employee? It’s certainly an excellent idea to ponder.

Quotes in this article thanks to Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast

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