There are some people floating around in the exciting world of indie wrestling that fans would love to see in WWE. Until recently Bobby Fish was one of those guys. Fish is a three-time ROH World Tag Team Champion alongside Kyle O’Reilly as reDRagon. But he finally made the leap to NXT and we can’t wait to see what happens.

But now that Bobby Fish has debuted in NXT he has big plans and the world is his for the taking. If you have never seen Bobby Fish perform before this will be a real treat for you because he’s outstanding.

Bobby recently sat down with and discussed some thoughts surrounding his move to NXT. He sounded very positive about it all and ready to go.

He discussed some of the people who inspired him to take the chance in Vince’s Playground Of Powerslams. One of the chief people Bobby Fish put over was another ROH alumni, Kevin Owens.

“I have immense respect for Kevin and all that he’s been through to find his success. He is not the prototype for what was rumored to be ideal here and neither am I. Understanding his drive to succeed here through that conversation made me think that if I want that — which I believe, in some way, anyone who laces up the boots to do this, does on some level — then I will create a similar opportunity for myself. So yeah, I did think I’d be here one day”

He also credited a few other people he met along the way in ROH. It looks like Bobby Fish will have no shortage of friends in WWE.

“I watched the success of former co-workers and peers, such as Roderick Strong, Kassius Ohno, and Hideo Itami, make that very same walk at Full Sail. At this point, I feel so prepared for this new challenge. In my opinion, this life is about the journey, and when mine ends, I expect that this vessel, my body, will be banged up, battered and beaten, which will be a clear indication of a life well lived. NXT represents the next step in my journey”

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