Goldberg has been through many battles in his career, but few of them were as intense than when he took on the Beast Incarnate at Survivor Series and WrestleMania 33 last year. Less than a year later Goldberg is walking into WrestleMania 34 not as a champion, but as someone who is going to take their rightful place in the WWE Hall Of Fame.

Say what you want about Goldberg and his runs with WWE, but the man drew money. He was also on the frontlines of the Monday Night War where he assisted WWE’s competition during their boom period. But once the streak was broken, things started to sadly unravel. This is why WWE needs to be so especially careful with Asuka and her undefeated streak.

During the Road To WrestleMania 33, Paul Heyman cut many scathing promos in the general direction of Goldberg and his Universal Title reign, but now it looks like he too could be showing up at Mania the next year for an entirely different purpose because The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Paul Heyman is likely going to induct Goldberg into the WWE Hall Of Fame.

While Heyman might be a curious choice because Eric Bischoff was way more instrumental in the rise of Goldberg’s career, Easy E did just induct DDP during last year’s ceremony so maybe WWE wanted to give him a year off?

Regardless of reasoning, if Paul Heyman is picked to do the honors of inducting Bill Goldberg into the 2018 WWE Hall Of Fame then you can certainly expect an amazing impassioned speech before the face of WCW comes out to give a speech which will most likely end with his son right next to him on the big stage in New Orleans.