rich swann

Over the weekend Rich Swann was arrested on charges of Battery and False Imprisonment following an altercation with his wife, as WWE responded to the charges by suspending the cruiserweight division star.

Rich Swann has now been suspended indefinitely, and his future seems to be up in the air as the typical policy with WWE when it comes to domestic violence is to terminate Superstars if they’re convicted.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, many in WWE were shocked to hear of Rich Swann’s arrest, while others who knew Swann and his wife from the independent scene weren’t as shocked as they viewed Swann’s relationship with his wife as combustible.

The situation with Rich Swann is being described as “very unfortunate” as he could be done with WWE depending on what happens.

Swann’s lawyer Ian M. Pickens issued the following statement to Sporting News:

“At this point, no criminal charges have been filed officially against him so depending on how that process plays out will determine our scope of representation,” Pickens said. “We’re hopeful for a fair and quick resolution on behalf of Mr. Swann, but ultimately the state attorney will make their decision (on potential charges) when they deem it appropriate. We’re working on the case now and things we may do to assist Mr. Swann. But as far as specifics, I can’t comment on that.”