There’s a lot of talk right now about certain names possibly moving from Raw to SmackDown and vice versa. A few ideas are being discussed for roster changes, and it’s believed that the next draft will see a few top stars change brands, but it likely won’t be as extravagant as the draft that took place last year.

Following the events that took place on SmackDown Live this week, it’s rumored that AJ Styles will be finishing up with the SmackDown brand after WrestleMania 33, and now a former WWE Champion is being eyed for a potential roster switch.

PWInsider reports that WWE officials have pitched the idea of moving Roman Reigns from Raw over to SmackDown. Roman has been one of the top stars on Raw since the brand split, but a move to SmackDown Live would definitely give him some fresh matches.

Roman Reigns has been in a cycle where it seems he only feuds with Kevin Owens or Braun Strowman, but a jump to SmackDown would give him the chance to work with heels like The Miz, Baron Corbin and possibly Bray Wyatt again.

Reigns is lined up for a big match with The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33 and WWE officials are still determined to make him the face of the company.

What do you think, would a move to SmackDown Live be good for Roman Reigns? Sound off in the comments below.

It’s official folks, Roman Reigns is going to face The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33. According to Roman Reigns he’s going to be the man that retires The Undertaker and we’re talking about whether or not it should happen on this week’s episode of Still Real Radio. You can check out the latest episode below and if you like what you hear, please subscribe to the show on iTunes.

  • Joey Click

    …nobody likes that guy.

  • Mason Martinez

    Well considering Smackdown has become the land of the heel turn, (Carmella, Usos, Natalya?, Ziggler) I’m all for it

  • troza

    And, with this, it makes sense for him to beat taker and then have him face Brock on WM34.

  • Sean Goiburn

    Roman Reigns needs to be broken down, repackaged and rebuilt from the ground up. He needs to EARN wins in a thoughtful and well planned arc that will build natural heat INSTEAD of forcing unbelievable wins every pay per view. The Rock wasn’t built in a year. Stone Cold didn’t have the best matches of his career until the late 90s early 2000s. Spend time building the character and the wins will matter more. Forcing wins down fans throats isn’t the way to do it any more. Didn’t we learn that with Daniel Bryan, CM Punk or Kevin Owens? You can program who you prefer, but the crowd is hot for who they’re hot for. Don’t need to make everybody a champion, because a meaningful victory in a Mid Card non title match does more for THE GUY, then pushing belts on a talented worker who the fans aren’t behind.

    just my $.02

  • WaQaR Aziz

    Moving the fan’s MOST favorite from the blue brand and now moving the most disliked one to the blue brand is without a doubt conspiracy against SmackDown live. But if even then SD keep on getting on the nerves of RAW, then WWE must admit that its Steph, who is a failure.

  • Xochiquetzal

    Sounds like a cool idea. I’d like to see Reigns go to SD and Styles go to RAW. There’s plenty of new feuds for them both if they switch brands. Reigns and Ambrose have never had a real feud, Reigns/Cena would then be a possibility, and I’m a fan of anything Roman does with Bray Wyatt.

    On the other side I’d love to see AJ/Seth, what they might do with The Club, and AJ could have a feud with Balor. We’d get matches between he and Braun and get to see him against the likes of KO and Sami Zayn again.

    If they’re not going to re-draft everybody and instead do just a few key switch ups like this, I think moving those two guys would freshen up the ME scene on both shows.