Triple H kicked off Monday Night Raw, but before he could say anything of significance he was interrupted by Randy Orton. The Viper asked if Triple H was here to announce that Orton will be number 30 in the Royal Rumble, and if he isn’t then he should hand him the WWE Championship.

The Game talked about how good Randy Orton has been over the last year, and he brought up how he burned The Fiend alive, and said he understood that Orton did what he had to do.

Triple H said he doesn’t understand how Randy Orton can threaten or humiliate legends in front of the world like he did last week on Legends Night. Triple H said that watching Orton humiliate Ric Flair last week solidified that Orton is nothing but a no good prick.

Orton said he’s a legend in his own time, just like Triple H was, then Orton challenged him to a match. Triple H said there’s no benefit to him, he then said no and tried to walk away. Orton ripped on Triple H and said his balls are in Stephanie’s purse. Triple H then knocked him down with a punch.

The Viper then said, “I guess that means yes.”

Triple H later officially accepted the challenge during a backstage interview.

Randy Orton and Triple H faced off in the main event, and things got brutal as they fought outside of the ring and both men got busted open. At one point Triple H grabbed a sledgehammer from under the ring.

Triple H got in the ring, and the lights started going out. He looked at his sledgehammer and saw that it was on fire, then all the lights went out. The lights came back on and Triple H was gone, but Alexa Bliss was standing in the ring.

Alexa Bliss stared at Randy Orton, then shot a fireball at Randy’s face. Randy covered his eye and winced in pain as the show went off the air.

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