roman reigns

For a few years, Roman Reigns has been booked as a babyface by the WWE. There were moments in which Roman was positioned as a “tweener.” There have also been a few moments of Roman being cheered by the majority of fans in the arena. But I don’t think that anyone can dispute that it still isn’t working out with Roman being the company’s future, or even “the guy.” Even though he has most of the tools needed to be working at the top.

Here are some tweaks that could create the reality of Roman Reigns becoming the legitimate face of the company:

Heel Turn – It has been said for a long time that Roman Reigns ought to be working heel. The New Day, as an example, were booed at the beginning of their run. Their entertaining promos led to them being cheered by the fans, which legitimately turned them into babyfaces. This formula has been followed with plenty of WWE talent, Shawn Michaels included. When Roman broke the elimination record at the Royal Rumble a few years back, he worked heel yet he was cheered out of respect. Roman acting like a legitimate tough competitor and backing it up is a big piece of the puzzle.

Less Talking – When Roman was part of The Shield, he didn’t say much. Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins were the established talkers of The Shield, with Roman being the muscle. Brock Lesnar is known not to talk much on-camera, using Paul Heyman to cut most of the promos. The Great Khali, when he was working main events quite a few years ago, didn’t speak much. Just a few examples of how being dominant in the ring alone can be what makes the fans react.

Theme Song – After The Shield disbanded, the characters of Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins were both rebooted entirely. They both got new theme songs and adopted new ring attire. Roman kept the dark full body covering and maintained the theme song of The Shield. Even though Seth Rollins had been titled as The Shield’s “architect.” Not only would a new theme song keep fans from booing Roman so quickly — because they are conditioned to do so — but it would take the stink off the theme song should there be a proper reunion of The Shield in the future.

Media Appearances – After the heel turn has begun, get Roman Reigns into the mainstream media outlets. The Miz gets to do talk shows when he has a new Marine film to promote. The last media push I remember seeing for Roman was related to Susan G. Komen, and before that a “being a good dad” campaign that also included Alberto Del Rio and Titus O’Neil. If WWE is going to put its talent out there to cater to non-WWE fans, they ought to showcase Roman Reigns the way that they do John Cena. Or how Arsenio Hall or Regis & Kathie Lee would have on bigger-sized talent to create a spectacle. Less of the charity stuff and more of the showcasing that revolves around personality.