broken hardys

Reby Hardy is angry but that’s really no new thing. The truth is we really don’t know what’s going on because fans only hear what they want us to know or what we’re able to figure out. But if you ask Jeff Jarrett then there is no talk of having the Broken Hardys appear on WWE television.

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Jeff Jarrett recently said there is no deal on the table and said any talk was due to the “wonderful world of social media”…it is wonderful though, isn’t it? He said he’s talked with Jeff Hardy about the matter but they know what the intellectual property law is. Jeff Jarrett said the IP law is quite cut and dry.

However, Matt Hardy’s wife Reby has to disagree. He seems very upset about the matter and is willing to wage some more social media warfare about the matter. If you remember those classic “F-ck that owl” shirts, Reby says she’s bringing them back. It might be brilliant new age promo cutting but she certainly didn’t sound happy when she called them snakes.

Hurricane Helms also chimed in on the subject and he didn’t sound too pleased with it either. He put a microscope on Jeff Jarrett’s alleged lying and called him a carney. Reby replied saying those were facts.

Then Reby Hardy threw some shade on GFW for having Alberto as a champion and we can only imagine what kind of things she was insinuating.

Who knows what’s really going on in this situation. They could be playing off each other or both sides in the middle. Or for all we know, they’re working each other and trying to leverage a play. But then again they might just be working the fans and all of this is feeding into it. It is very likely what we do know is only the tip of the iceberg on this story.