WWE is a place where anything can happen. After all, there are fans who still think CM Punk could come back soon. So when Alicia Fox beat Sasha Banks on Raw last week, it shouldn’t have surprised anyone. But it still shocked a lot of people. When the internet exploded with opinions concerning Sasha Banks’ loss to Foxy, former WWE diva Melina decided to give her opinion on the events of Raw.

Melina continued:

Current WWE superstar Lana liked a couple of those tweets. Some people were calling her out for it too. For some reason, they didn’t like the fact the Ravishing Russian liked a comment that supported Sasha’s loss. But those tweets didn’t really support her loss, it only reasoned why it had to happen.

Apparently, the backlash was enough to give Lana a reason to explain herself. She tried to explain that Sasha is an outstanding athlete, but losing a match like that will only bring more eyes to what she’s doing.


Sasha Banks took some offense to Lana and Melina’s statements for some reason. She replied with a bold quote claiming people were trying to tear her down.

There might be more to this story than what is going on in Twitter Land. The Legit Boss seemed legit bothered over the tweet.

Summer Rae recently tweeted using a new hashtag. Some have hypothesized #BL2017 means Block Lana 2017. If that’s the case then people might be overreacting a little bit. After all, Melina was making a point in her tweets and Lana was just agreeing.

WWE is always looking to keep interest in new stories. One of the best ways to do that is surprise people. It might be possible the #BL2017 doesn’t mean people should block Lana in 2017, but it would certainly fall in line with the context of the situation.