Let’s face the facts here folks, we all know that wrestling fans are some of the most passionate fans on the planet. We all have our opinions and they aren’t just any old regular opinions. They are opinions that we feel very strongly about.

Now with every fan having such strong opinions it goes without saying that not everyone is going to agree with what happens regarding the creative direction of the industry.

When you’re not getting what you want or just being plain old angry at other fans there’s no better way to express you anger than through a YouTube video. Here we have collected 7 hilarious reactions from butthurt wrestling fans. Enjoy!


7. Angry Miz Girl

One has to imagine that winning the WWE title was the best moment of The Miz’s life. Obviously after such an important victory The Miz would want to celebrate but there appears to be one little girl in the crowd who doesn’t want to join the Miz’s celebration. This young girl went on to become known as “Angry Miz Girl” and even won a slammy thanks to her priceless reaction to Miz winning the title. To be fair I made the same face when I found out The Miz was headlining WrestleMania 27.


6. A Message For The Internet Wrestling Community


When it comes to being awkward and creepy this video takes the cake. Here a male named “V” from BTC wrestling community decides to let off some steam by telling the world what he really thinks of the Internet Wrestling Community or IWC. This one is definitely NSFW as the butthurt flows very strong here and many cuss words are thrown around. The creepiest part about it all is easily his voice as he attempts to make it creepier by sounding like a voice changer but instead of talking through a voice changer he just seems to imitate one with his voice.


5. Hustle Loyalty And Butthurt


Ok I know this list is supposed to be made up of fans but we had to make an exception for someone who has caused more butthurt than perhaps any other wrestler ever and that man is John Cena. How often have we all lashed out due to butthurt that was brought upon us thanks to John Cena? Well don’t worry it hasn’t fallen on deaf ears as John Cena hears his critics and during this promo he addresses them by calling them out on Raw.


4. True Life: Goldberg


We’re not sure if you’ve ever had one of those days where you think to yourself “man I really fucking hate Goldberg” but if you have then these guys definitely feel your pain. These guys manage to tell us just about every reason why they hate Goldberg in just under 3 minutes. They manage to tear apart WCW, Goldberg’s move set, his poor choice of movie roles and even throw a Mighty Ducks reference in there for good measure.


3. The Fat Guy


We all may have pretty different opinions on wrestlers but it’s rare to see someone that would boo CM Punk. Here in this video some butthurt fan decides he’s going to make sure that his butthurt becomes CM Punk’s butthurt as he taunts Punk from one of the first few rows. This pushes Punk over the edge as he explodes on this butthurt fan and in the end becomes the butthurt one himself as he unleashes a barrage of insults on this man who would later become known as “the fat guy in the front row.”


2. Get The Fuck Out!


Odds are if you’re a wrestling fan than you’ve seen this video before but if you haven’t you’re in for a treat. Very shortly after The Rock’s WWE title win at the Royal Rumble this little gem went viral. This modern work of art shows an angry CM Punk fan who is extremely pissed off at the fact that CM Punk’s 434 day title reign was ended by The People’s Elbow. When we watch this video we’re just thankful that person behind the camera had enough sense to realize that this reaction is comedic gold.


1. It’s Still Real To Me Dammit


What else would you expect to see at the top of this list? Is there even another video in existence that comes close to being a worthy contender. We didn’t think so. This guy is the original butthurt wrestling fan. Upon coming to the shocking realization that wrestling isn’t real this diehard fan has his heart broken as he just refuses to let go. In the process this man breaks new ground and reaches legendary status as the most butthurt of all butthurt wrestling fans. In honor of this man let’s all say it together…3…2…1…it’s still real to me dammit!