Everyone is aware of Paige’s rocky relationship with WWE. She’s been out of action due to a neck injury that required surgery so she’s not currently featured on television. She is still on Total Divas, but it’s only because those episodes were obviously filmed and edited months ago. But it’s probably a good thing she’s been off the live show circuit due to the fact she recently had a ton of NSFW material leak online in the latest Fappening. In the meantime, Paige is spending some quality time with her “Papi” Alberto El Patron.

The WWE superstar, who WWE Studios and Seven Bucks Productions are currently doing a movie about and her family has been part of some videos where WWE isn’t spoken about kindly. Some particularly offensive rhetoric was directed at Triple H himself. Alberto and Paige really have become a professional wrestling version of Bonnie and Clyde at this point.

In the latest issue of The Observer it is noted that WWE has no plans for Paige right now even after her neck recovers from surgery. It was also said the only thing that is saving Paige is the fact WWE’s producing that movie about her family right now.

Paige was the first NXT Women’s Champion and went on to end a then record-setting Divas Title reign held by AJ Lee. She had such a future in WWE it was astounding. But now the belief is she might not even want to come back because all the time on the road would keep her away from Alberto El Patron.

Of course, things could always change because you never say never in WWE. She could come back out of nowhere with an anti-WWE angle that could be a grand mixture of shoot and work. Who knows? It might result in a “Paige Pipebomb” segment that’s talked about for decades. But, as of right now WWE isn’t planning on using her anytime soon.

They might just be hanging on to Paige at this point because WWE is making a movie about her and her famous family. But, she is still an amazing talent they wouldn’t want to see go anywhere else in direct competition to WWE.

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