The Young Bucks and WWE seem to be at war. But with The Bullet Club backing The Young Bucks, it seems as though even more fans will be swayed to join the popular non-WWE stable of renegades including hugely popular wrestlers like Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes, Marty Scrull, and others.

But WWE doesn’t seem to appreciate The Young Bucks’ actions nor do they like the fact that they were able to make royalty money on a hand gesture WWE says they own intellectual property rights to. Therefore a cease and desist letter was sent out to Nick and Matt Jackson in order to get to them to stop using the “too sweet” hand gesture.

But a great question was posed to Bryan Alvarez during Wrestling Observer Live where he was asked why WWE went after The Young Bucks and not the companies which hosted the activity like Ring Of Honor or New Japan Pro Wrestling and his answer was quite interesting as he made some amazing points in the process.

“You need to give me an example of what [WWE] could litigate them for. They couldn’t even litigate them for the thing they sent that letter for. The difference is — so here’s the thing. The only reason [WWE] could do that is because they could financially bully them because there’s no money there. Okay, New Japan is a big company, not as big as WWE but they’re a big company. They got lawyers if [WWE] comes after them with a frivolous thing. Plus here’s the other thing about New Japan, you gotta go and sue them in Japan, you know because that’s where they do their business. So it’s kinda like ‘good luck WWE’ — you know they’re not gonna do it because it ain’t gonna fly. You go sue a Japanese company in a Japanese court on a frivolous charge, you know what I’m saying?”

“And Ring Of Honor, they’re owned by Sinclair (Broadcasting) who’s got lawyers. Sinclair’s a tons bigger company than WWE — they’re not even in the same stratosphere. So again, bullies don’t pick on guys ten times their own size or five times their own size. So you know, if there is something legitimate like something those guys did legitimately perhaps you know, I could see WWE going after them if there’s a legitimate thing but there is no legitimate thing as far as I know.  So I don’t see that one happening. Definitely not Ring Of Honor.”

Credit for the quotes in this article goes to Wrestling Observer Radio and for the transcription

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