Neville and Austin Aries have had a lengthy feud surrounding the WWE Cruiserweight Championship, that even saw the title defended at WrestleMania for the first time.

Following their submission match at Extreme Rules last weekend, it seems that their feud has come to an end and now Neville will likely move on to defend the Cruiserweight Championship against a new challenger at Great Balls Of Fire on July 9th.

WWE implied that this new challenger could be Akira Tozawa, someone who has been climbing the ranks on 205 Live as part of a fantastic feud with Brian Kendrick. Although, Neville and TJP already have the seeds planted for what could well be an interesting feud between the former friends.

Even though Neville has already defeated TJP in the match that Neville promised him if he managed to get past Austin Aries last week on 205 Live, it is hard to see that feud being over so quickly after how long WWE decided to build it, but it shows that there are many more options in the cruiserweight division currently.

WWE could even decide to stack the odds against Neville and make it a multi-person match, which would then allow the company to showcase more talent from 205 Live on pay-per-view and test Neville’s reign as Cruiserweight Champion even further.