It’s been a long time since Super Troopers became an underground sensation but the long-awaited sequel to the smash indie hit comedy is finally hitting theaters on April 20th which is a very appropriate date for that kind of film.

WWE Superstars get a lot of chances to do some pretty cool things but Tyler Breeze, Fandango, Renee Young, Sami Zayn, Tye Dillinger, and Heath Slater recently had the chance to hang out with the Broken Lizard guys as they hyped the upcoming Super Troopers movie.

The plot of the new Super Troopers movie might not have much to do with basketball but these two teams were able to get together recently at the Bankers Life Fieldhouse for an edition of WWE Game Night.

The sequel for Super Troopers was a long time coming and hopefully, they’ll do something that lives up to the amazing original. They’re certainly on the right track by partnering with WWE to promote the movie.

Joey Ryan has a lot of great opinions and he might differ in a lot of his views with some other wrestling purists. But one thing is for sure, he seems to have a good idea about what works.

Andy Kaufman was instrumental for not only making Jerry “The King” Lawler a much bigger name on a national level, but he also treasured the art of pro wrestling and his influence is still felt today.

Even presently James Ellsworth is walking around with an Intergender World Championship as an homage to Andy Kaufman’s legendary gimmick. This kind of lasting impact on any profession deserves some kind of recognition and although the actual span of his influence might be a bit glamorized as time passes by it is still a very real thing.

Joey Ryan recently suggested Andy Kaufman should be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame. Andy never got the chance to live long enough to make it to Vince McMahon and Company, the fact is Vince McMahon Sr. first turned down the Intergender Wrestling gimmick from Kaufman before Jerry Lawler gladly did it in Memphis.

After all, when you’re inducting people like Kid Rock into the WWE Hall Of Fame it kind of sets a new bar which could certainly include Andy Kaufman.