Today is St. Patrick’s Day, which if you didn’t know is the day which followed 3:16 Day this year. So, in essence you’re supposed to get drunk two days in a row. That’ll be good for livers all around the world.

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Regardless of that context, Vince McMahon is proud of his Irish heritage and although he didn’t say he was drinking a Dewar’s on the rocks, we know he’ll probably get around to it today eventually. The Chairman of the Board sent out a very simple Irish-themed message today on Twitter that was actually favorited and retweeted by the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus.

In case you didn’t know, “Erin go Braugh” roughly translates to “Ireland Forever.”

Sheamus had a great St. Patrick’s Day tweet where he illustrates how he is planning on getting some of the hair of the dog that bit him. Love this man. This tall, pale, scary, bearded, drunk Celtic Warrior. Let’s just hope he’s able to maintain himself.

Sheamus’ tag team partner, The Swiss Superman Cesaro might not be Irish, but he sure knows how to celebrate the holiday. He not only sent out a message to his tag-team partner but also included a nifty animated gif of Sheamus Brogue Kicking some people into next week.

The Ravishing Russian won’t have time to kick back and drink tonight because it looks like she’s ready to “kick heads off” at the NXT show in Gainesville. We have already reported how Lana is planning on polishing up her in-ring skills while her bae, Rusev is recovering from shoulder surgery. She seems ready to go and is even using #LanaCrush on Twitter. So, that’s always a good sign she’s serious about it.