It’s time for SmackDown Live and we’re inching closer to the Biggest Party Of The Summer. Randy Orton was set to face Jinder Mahal in a grudge match before he takes on Mahal’s former partner Rusev at SummerSlam. Naomi is set to square off with Carmella and with rumors of James Ellsworth’s suspension being up, who knows what will happen in Toronto.

Opening Segment

John Cena’s music hit and we can only assume he’ll have kind words for Nakamura and not too kind things to say about Baron Corbin after last week.

Cena stood there and soaked in the Bizzaro World crowd of Toronto and listened to the dueling chants for a bit. Then he said, “man we got some people excited, we may have some people upset, but I guarantee I’m as fired up as each and every one of y’all.” Yes, the crowd was excited.

“Cena” chants broke out and a great show of respect was given to the 16x WWE Champion.

Super Cena said when he squared off against Nakamura he soon found out that the King Of Strong Style wasn’t afraid of anything.

“Nakamura” chants broke out this time.

He said he didn’t know why people would chant for him, but then he found out Nakamura hits hard “real hard.” He said he thought he was going to do his thing and more “Cena” chants broke out. He said he thought he had it in the bad and all of a sudden the ref was raising Nakamura’s hard.

Cena was like, “what happened?” then he realized he lost. No ref mistake, no foul play, no Montreal Screw Job (insert boo here because he’s in Canada)… he just lost.

John was really putting Nakamura over and then Baron Corbin came out with his new music. The entrance set is now on fire. I already miss the melting cityscape.

Baron said nobody cares about Cena’s handshake with Nakamura because he’s Mr. Money In The Bank and if Cena is looking for anyone to respect then it’s him. Baron said he’s the future and he has no problem dealing with the past.

Then Cena called Baron a skinny fat over rated dumpster fire while referring to a sign that said: “Baron Corbin is a dumpster fire.”

John asked Corbin to come to the ring and he’ll put him through another table. Baron said he didn’t need to come to the ring because he has the MITB briefcase so he’ll do what he wants.

“Dumpster fire” chants broke out. Canadians are awesome.

Baron said he didn’t need to beat John Cena and he can take that respect and shove it. All he needs is the WWE championship and Cena isn’t worth his time.

Insert Daniel Bryan here.

The bearded GOAT said “Baron Corbin, you…” pause for MASSIVE DANIEL BRYAN/YES CHANTS. “It’s great to be here in Toronto,” Bryan said. “I don’t know if you’re a dumpster fire.”

“He is” John replied. Then Bryan booked John Cena vs Baron Corbin for SummerSlam.

Usos vs Tye Dillinger and Sami Zayn

Tye Dillinger got a HUGE pop and there were plenty of “10” signs and t-shirts in the crowd. Dillinger really needs to get some kind of push soon because he deserves it. Then again, so does Sami Zayn and he was super over with his new t-shirt on too.

The babyfaces got the advantage early on and Usos barely dodged a Helluva Kick from Zayn. Jimm and Jay quickly powdered out of the ring to waste some time while SmackDown Live went to commercial.

Once they got back in the ring, Sami started taking some abuse but Zayn quickly countered with a spinning head scissors takedown to send his opponent out of the ring again. One Uso tagged another and quickly took advantage of Zayn.

They used some tandem offense to keep Zayn away from Tye. The Underdog From The Underground is so good at selling it’s ridiculous. Sami got taken down with a headlock but fought out of it as soon as SmackDown came back from commercial. It’s crazy how they time it like that, it’s almost like the ref is telling them what’s up.

Tye got the hot tag and took on both Usos. Dillinger stomped one Uso down in the corner and took his knee pad down but his foe rolled out of the ring and ended up hitting Tye but Sami returned with a plancha.

“This team of Dillinger and Zayn can do it,” they said on commentary. They do work well together.

Tye ended up on the top rope but got crotched by Jey Uso. He climbed up and tagged in Jimmy. Tye fought them both off and jumped over Jey. He hoisted Jey up for a Tye Breaker but Jimmy blindsided him and pretty soon Jimmy had Tye in a Tequilla Sunrise.

Tye tapped out to put the Usos over.

The Usos grabbed the mic after the match and asked where The New Day was. Then they said at SummerSlam they’re going to win the SmackDown Tag Team Champions.

Suddenly Big E interrupted them with his intro. While the Usos were looking at Big E on the entrance, Xavier and Kofi jumped Usos from behind. They sent one Uso into a post and then cornered the other.

Xavier grabbed a chair and then another. They looked like they were going to set up for some kind of con-chair-to but the Usos were able to get away before New Day broke WWE’s no unprotected chair shots to the head rule.

Backstage Segment

Renee Young was backstage with Randy Orton who said last week Rusev was at the wrong place at the wrong time. He said he took it upon himself to give Rusev something to be afraid of. He also said he’s looking to defeat Jinder Mahal tonight without the Singh Brothers by his side because The Modern Day Maharaja won’t be able to get away this time.

The Fashion Files

Fandango was finally found and he was abducted by aliens. The reason why he stuck around was the anal probes… he means the wardrobes. Yup. He said the next person who walks through the door was the guy who destroyed Tully The Horse.

Arn Anderson walked through the door and he said he destroyed the horse because Breezango should have named the horse Arn. Then he took their donuts.

God, Breezango are awesome.

Charlotte Flair vs Lana

Flair came out and took a good look at her peacock feather robe and gave a nice smile. We wonder why she’s so proud of her robe now.

Charlotte just folded her arms as Lana posed for the crowd. She didn’t seem to like Lana very much. The Queen tossed Lana down and said, “this is my ring sister!”

Then Charlotte just toyed with Lana and not in a good way. She chopped her and tried to pick her up but Lana rolled around and attempted a roll-up pin but Charlotte didn’t sell it and just picked her up.

Lana tried to set Charlotte up for a backslide pin but The Nature Girl reversed it for a two count. Lana slapped Charlotte across the face and that just made her mad.

Then Charlotte slapped on a Figure 8 post haste and Lana tapped out.

So Lana has to be dead in the water now when it comes to her in-ring gimmick, right?

Shane McMahon Lays Down The Law…Kinda

Shane McMahon was made the special referee for the US Title match at SummerSlam last week and Toronto wanted to let him know how much they loved Vince’s Baby Boy with a huge “Shane-O Mac” chant.

Shane got right to introducing Kevin Owens and AJ Styles. KO’s Titantron had changed back from the New Face Of America motif and back to the old red KO theme.

All three guys had microphones as they stood in the ring but Shane started things off after letting the crowd get some chanting in. They were hot for AJ and KO.

McMahon said he wanted to clear the air. He recapped some of KO’s apprehension about having Shane ref the match at SummerSlam. KO said he’s right and he did say Shane can’t be impartial.

Then Kevin apologized to Shane for saying that. He seemed sincere and we totally believe him. He said they’ve already had a McMahon screw over a legendary Canadian before. The crowd started chanting “you screwed Bret” at Shane like he made the call at Survivor Series 20 years ago.

“Of course he deserved it,” KO said referring to Bret Hart. That got some heat. Then they played footage of when AJ jumped Shane in the parking lot before Mania to set up their match in Orlando. AJ said he wasn’t happy either when Shane was made the special ref in Brooklyn.

AJ told KO to save his breath “besides if Shane McMahon screws me then he’ll have to face the repercussions just like he did at WrestleMania” then he said he didn’t trust anybody let alone a McMahon.

Then Kevin said Shane has been a special guest ref before and then they showed footage from Survivor Series 1998 where he screwed over Stone Cold Steve Austin. KO said he’s amazing what you can find on WWE Network and there are hours of Shane screwing over Superstars as a guest referee.

There’s so much footage they could make a collection featuring just Shane McMahon screwing people over. McMahon just stood there and nodded his head in agreement with a small smile on his face.

AJ proposed they get rid of Shane and not wait until SummerSlam. Then he suggested they get it on right then and there in Toronto. KO said that sounded great but he’d rather win the US Title in the United States in a city that actually matters.

AJ said this is as close as KO’s gonna get to the US Title and KO hit AJ with a cheap shot. Then AJ returned with a Pele Kick that accidentally clocked SmackDown Live Commissioner Shane McMahon.

Kevin rolled out of the ring and walked up the ramp while the crowd chanted “you screwed Shane.”

Backstage Segment

Lana was backstage looking through her things and Tamina came up to talk some trash to her. She asked Lana how her match with Charlotte went and Lana said she failed. Tamina said will never wrestle like her and Lana said she’ll never be as Ravishing as her.

Tamina said Lana’s ambition was what got her three title shots and now she’s gonna help her get hers. Okay.

Carmella vs Naomi

The crowd was dead for Carmella. The building might as well have been empty. People liked Naomi but it’s hard not to cheer for her ama-a-a-zing entrance.

Carmella threw a knee into Naomi’s stomach to put The Glow down but she returned with a quick kick to the head and a slap to the face. So Mella rolled out of the ring to burn some time.

But Naomi followed her and the action soon returned to the ring. Naomi kicked Carmella a couple of times until The Princess Of Staten Island caught her kick and sent her to the mat. Then Carm started smashing Naomi off the turnbuckles and did a nice move where she kicked The Glow nearly through the middle turnbuckle twice.

Mella did some mudhole stomping and moonwalked away. How you doin’?

Carm choked Naomi using the second rope and slapped on a headlock.

Naomi started to fight Mella off until she got taken back down. Carmella was targeting The Glow’s neck with another headlock.

Natalya was shown backstage and they noted on commentary she is currently slated to face Naomi at SummerSlam. Noami hit a few takedowns and then lit her up with some kicks and a jawbreaker.

Naomi looked like she was about to finish Carmella off. The Glow got lifted to the apron and landed a kick to Carm. Naomi climbed up to the top rope but Mella knocked her down and crotched her on the top. Carm kept trying to pull Naomi down but James Ellsworth appeared out of nowhere to jump up and ultimately knocked Naomi down.

We’d be surprised if we didn’t call that one (please refer to the opening paragraph of this article which I swear is written in real-time).

1-2-3 and Carmella won with her boy toy James Ellsworth who’s suspension is now over celebrated up the ramp.

“Beauty and the freak are back together,” JBL said.

Later on, Carm and Ellsworth were walking backstage when they ran into Nattie. The Queen of Harts called James chinless and said he’s already sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong. She said the stay out of her business at SummerSlam.

“I’ve been back for like five minutes and the whole women’s division is shaking in their heels,” James said. Then the two happily told Nattie off again and left. They were very giddy.

Shinsuke Nakamura Interview

Renee Young interviewed The King Of Strong Style and he said: “I’ve wanted to be in WWE my whole career and compete against the best in the world. First NXT, and now SmackDown.”

He called John Cena “that guy, but I beat him” the interview was cut with highlight footage to probably give them time to edit around the interview.

Nakamura said it is his destiny to win the WWE Championship. He said tonight he will watch Maharaja Jinder Mahal but at SummerSlam, he will become WWE Champion and the Nakamura dynasty will begin.

Jinder Mahal vs Randy Orton

Okay, so Jinder Mahal was kind of over in Toronto because (stop reading now if you still believe in kayfabe)… THE MODERN DAY MAHARAJA IS CANADAIN.

“Jinder” chants broke out just as Randy Orton’s music hit.

Randy lit up Mahal as soon as the bell rang. But the crowd was behind Jinder. Randy hit a Thesz Press and a few punches but Jinder rolled outside.

Then Randy tossed Jinder into the barricade a couple of times and tossed him back in the ring. They took the action outside again and Randy continued his assault by suplexing Mahal onto the announce table and then he cleared it off.

But Mahal rolled back in and Orton got stomped as soon as he came back in to a chorus of cheers. Randy clotheslines Mahal outside and tossed him over the announce table.

Orton climbed on top of the announce table and prepped Jinder Mahal for something bad. Just as he was about to hit an RKO, Mahal pushed Randy and sent him plummeting into the timekeeper’s area.

Mahal kept up the pressure on Randy with some stomps and a rear chinlock until Orton. Randy moved out of the way from a charge and took a post to the shoulder.

They showed Shinsuke Nakamura watching on a monitor backstage watching the match intently.

Randy set Mahal up for a superplex and pulled off the one superplex of the evening for a two count. The Viper got Jinder up and applied some punches to the forehead and hit a fallaway slam. Randy mounted Jinder in the corner and rained down some punches before Mahal slipped away but ended up eating a snap powerslam from Orton for another two count.

Randy kept softening Mahal up and hit a forearm to the face. He shot Mahal off the ropes but ended up getting sent into the turnbuckle. Randy ran back and took a knee to the face for a two count. This crowd was very much behind Jinder Mahal.

Randy kept softening Mahal up and hit a forearm to the face. He shot Mahal off the ropes but ended up getting sent into the turnbuckle. Randy ran back and took a knee to the face for a two count. This crowd was very much behind Jinder Mahal.

“Jinder” chants broke out again as The Modern Day Maharaja prepared to hit his finisher but Randy tossed him on the apron and hit his vintage suspended DDT.

As Orton prepared for the RKO the crowd started to boo, but Jinder reversed the RKO ito a roll-up pin for a two count. He hit Randy with a strong forearm shot but Orton reversed The Khallas with an RKO for the win.

So Randy Orton beat the WWE Champion clean on his way to a feud with Rusev. Where has Rusev been anyway?

SmackDown Live went off the air with Randy Orton celebrating while he left up the ramp but Jinder Mahal still had his WWE Championship…for now.

Oh yeah. Rusev appeared at the last second and superkicked Randy’s head off to send him crumbling to the ground on the top of the entrance ramp.

There’s Rusev! If you blinked you missed him though.