It has been one of the biggest rumours surrounding WWE for the past few months, and many fans who were not open to the idea of John Cena stepping into the ring against The Undertaker at WrestleMania have already come to terms with the match and were ready to see what they both offered.

It was thought to have finally been the match where John Cena would turn heel, but given the success of Cena’s recent feud with AJ Styles and the fact that he has returned and stepped right back into the rivalry once more, it seems that WWE may be wanting to extend this feud until WrestleMania.

This leaves The Undertaker without an opponent for WrestleMania, but answers the question as to why The Deadman will be on Monday Night Raw next week. To set up a match with Roman Reigns at WrestleMania instead.

It would easily be set up and it would make Reigns a future star if it was done properly. Of course, Reigns is already heading into a huge match at the Royal Rumble, a match which could see him walk out of San Antonio with two championships, something that he will need if he was to face The Deadman in April.

This also means that it is likely that Cena will walk out of the Royal Rumble with his sixteenth World Championship to then set up a rematch with AJ at Elimination Chamber in February.

The reason for this switch seems to be because Vince McMahon wanted John Cena to face Undertaker but he wasn’t happy with the fact that the match wasn’t actually creating a future WWE star. Much like the match between Undertaker and Brock Lesnar, many fans were annoyed at The Beast for ending the streak when it could have gone to a younger star that WWE could develop.

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It seems that the same kind of thing applies here and Vince really wants to get it right this time. Despite the fact that many fans have been vocal about their hatred of Roman Reigns, it seems that he has actually gained a lot of popularity in the wrestling community and WWE could well mould him into a future star off a victory like this.

It could mean a heel turn for Reigns though for the first time as a singles star, but it could be an interesting few months for the former Shield member.

John Cena’s heel turn could be bigger news than a Roman Reigns one, but WWE is not one hundred percent set on either idea yet. This is why it seems that both Cena and Reigns could walk out of San Antonio with their respective titles and The Undertaker could win the Royal Rumble, this would then open the door to both possibilities and the WWE creative team could then make the decision.

Cena is the overwhelmingly popular decision, but given the unpredictability of Vince McMahon and the fact that he really wants to push the future of the business, it would be easy to believe that he would put Reigns in that spot.

Styles and Cena have collided now on so many occasions that fans are well aware of what those two could do on The Grandest Stage of Them All and the possibility of that is mouth watering.

WrestleMania is now just four months away and the road to the biggest event of the year begins in just four weeks, it seems that the 30th anniversary of the Royal Rumble could be the place where many of the WWE Universe’s questions are answered as WrestleMania matches are finally revealed.

There will definitely be title changes at The Rumble and these will then hopefully give the WWE Universe an idea or even a clue of which direction the company are hoping to take with The Deadman’s final match.

With the added pay-per-view of FastLane for Monday Night Raw now taking place in March, it means that some of the build up could come down to the last minute as well, which could just add to the overwhelming anticipation as we head towards WrestleMania 33.