The wrestling landscape is changing very quickly thanks to the emergence of All Elite Wrestling, and it appears that several promotions are bound to end up in bidding wars in the weeks to come.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE has told people that if they can show on paper an offer from another company, they will double it on the spot if the talent signs immediately.

WWE and Vince McMahon are said to be going hard at trying to avoid the idea that people want to leave the company, or that that people can get more money by leaving.

This is why Lesnar keeps getting better offers in order to keep him from going to UFC, and why talents who were unhappy with how they’ve been used are starting to get pushes.

Unlike other promotions in the wrestling business, WWE’s business model is structured for big profits, so they can sign and stockpile talent even if they don’t have a definite idea of how they want to use them.

It’s being said that WWE can double, or triple everyone’s salary tomorrow and not blink an eye, because the lack of competition in the world of pro wrestling over the last few years has allowed the company to keep salaries artificially low.