Due to the coronavirus pandemic WWE has had to cancel quite a few upcoming events, and TV tapings have been moved to the Performance Center in Orlando.

The company plans to move forward with upcoming Raw and SmackDown tapings, and according to TMZ a memo has been issued to talents and staff telling them how the company plans to keep them safe from COVID-19.

It’s being said that WWE officials were so happy with the way things went at WrestleMania that they plan on using a similar protocol for upcoming tapings.

SmackDown on Friday and Raw on Monday will take place from the Performance Center and the plan is to have a medical team screen everyone before they walk in the door.

The email memo outlines the protocol and advises talents to arrive early so they can have their temperature taken.

Everyone is encouraged to wear a mask once inside.

The memo also reportedly explains how to make a mask by sewing fabric, wearing a bandanna, or ripping off an old t-shirt sleeve, and notes that masks are to be taken off while cameras are rolling.