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It’s the night after Survivor Series and plenty of Raw’s top Superstars have some ‘splaining to do. Let’s see how WWE puts the pieces back together after Survivor Series left us with so many questions.

Opening Segment

Stephanie McMahon’s music hit and she received a lukewarm reaction, to say the least. Steph said because of Angle’s performance at Survivor Series his job is “1000% secure” then she went on to introduce the man responsible for Raw’s victory last night… Triple H.

Trips didn’t get to say one word before Kurt Angle’s music hit and he came out looking intense, intelligent, and full of integrity. Angle got in Triple H’s face and said he’s not talking to him as a GM, but as an Olympic Gold Medalist because if he hits him from behind he can take this job and shove it because he’s coming for Tripe.

Steph told Kurt not to jeopardize his career again and then… Jason Jordan came out. Yup. “I’m 100% not, try and pedigree me now!” JJ said, then he said to put him in a match with Trips tonight.

Huge “yes” chants. Jason asked Trips if he was a coward, so WWE’s COO took off his jacket.

“Are you kidding me, Jason? In the mood my husband’s in tonight he will tear you apart” Steph said. She said Trips isn’t afraid of anyone in the locker room and then… BRAUUUUN came out and stood right up to Triple H — they were chest to chest and it was intense.

Triple H nodded and walked away without saying anything but never breaking eye contact with Strowman. As Strowman walked up to Trips, he got off the apron and walked away but they didn’t stop looking at him, “you’re a coward” chants broke out and it was pretty epic.

Then Stephanie booked JJ vs BS and the crowd kind of booed. Kurt stood between Braun and Jordan and that wasn’t the match people wanted to see at all.

Finn Balor vs Samoa Joe

Joe caught Balor with a right hand off the bat but Finn soon turned around the assault on Joe. But Samoa Joe exploded through Finn with a body block and latched on a submission hold applying pressure to Balor’s trap muscles.

Joe ended up outside and Balor hit him with a nice over the top rope dive. But once they returned to the ring, Joe continued his assault by hitting some nice striking combos and he got Balor down once again with the same traps submission from before.

Joe caught Finn with a stiff shot to the face and Balor returned with an overhead kick to send both men down.  Finn hit a sling blade and a basement dropkick then he dropped Joe outside again to hit a dropkick through the ropes. Joe countered and sent Finn crashing into the apron and then Joe jumped in the ring to hit his own suicide dive.

“Samoa Joe could have imploded the Georgia Dome with that one” Corey Graves said in a very topical comment.

Joe and Finn traded some more moves until Samoa Joe locked Finn in the Coquina Clutch but Balor rolled out of it and hit a double stomp. Finn nailed a shotgun dropkick and went to climb up for the Coup De Gras but Joe pulled him down and locked on the Coquina Clutch properly that time.

Finn never submitted, but the referee called off the match anyway.

Winner: Samoa Joe via referee stoppage

Finn never submitted which is good but it’s still an odd way to treat a guy who’s likely to be facing Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble is there’s any truth to the early rumors of who will be dancing with Lesnar in Philly.

Backstage Segment

Jason Jordan found Kurt Angle and told him he was hurt and only said he can compete because it was Triple H. JJ said he’s the only guy who can beat Braun Strowman because Angle’s blood is coursing through his veins.

JJ said when he’s done with Strowman he’ll be telling horror stories about him. Yup.

Asuka vs Dana Brooke

Now it’s time for Dana Brooke to seek some revenge for Asuka causing her to lose the qualifying match on Raw last week for the last Women’s Survivor Series match.

Asuka hit Dana Brooke with a nice hip attack off the apron. They made it back to the ring and Dana really pissed Asuka off by slapping her after tapping her on the head. That wasn’t smart. Asuka kicked Dana’s head off twice and won very quickly.

Winner: Asuka via pinfall

Miz TV

Miz came out with his Miztourage and yes, Curtis Axel was still in a neck brace. Miz introduced his guest, Roman Reigns a couple times before The Shield made their way to the ring through the crowd.

Miz said he wanted a thank you and Roman said there will never be a time when The Shield thanks The Miz.

Miz said he thinks he deserves some royalties for that new Shield merch. Rollins said Dean didn’t have his checkbook on him. The crowd chanted “Miz is awesome,” Reigns said they’ve been all around the world and never heard that chant before. Then Roman said if anything Miz should be chanting Houston.

Suddenly the lights went off by accident but Miz played it off well while demanding to have the lights back. Miz said he’s the only one in the ring with a title. Seth said him and Dean are going to get the Raw Tag Team Titles back. Roman said he didn’t want to be the only one in The Shield without a title (as if they couldn’t Freebird Rule the Raw Tag Team Titles).

Rollins said, “Miz has a title, it’s shiny, it’s white” and then Roman said he’s not doing anything tonight and challenged him. Bo Dallas said they can’t just challenge Miz on Miz TV.  Then Dean hit Dallas and Miz took off.

Bo was trapped in the ring after Axel took off, “we Bolieve” chants rang out as The Shield opened up on Dallas and hit him with a Shield Triple Powerbomb while Miz watched on from the entrance ramp.

Dean Ambrose vs Sheamus

Dean Ambrose ended up winning after a pretty good match that could have gone either way.

Winner: Dean Ambrose via pinfall

Alexa Bliss

Bliss was out there talking about how nobody can hold a candle to her and out comes Mickie James, a woman she recently beat. Bayley came down next to talk up why she should be challenging Bliss. Then Sasha Banks came down to talk herself up. Suddenly Alicia Fox came out still talking like a captain saying she needs to be the champion.

Bliss went to leave and Kurt Angle cut her off. He said she will face the winner of a fatal four-way match and that match will start now.

In the middle of the match, some very familiar music hit and… hey! It’s Paige!!!

The Anti-Diva came out to cut off the match and had a LIVE MICROPHONE! “Welcome back” chants surrounded her as she asked “did you miss me?” to a huge pop from the crowd and a yes chant.

Then Paige said she didn’t come alone and then suddenly as she strolled to the ring while the match was still going on and Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville jumped in the ring and the match was promptly called off.

Paige kicked Bayley in the face after receiving a beatdown while the crowd chanted “one more time”… it’s the… female Shield?

Bayley was left alone in the ring with this new stable so Paige hit her with the Rampaige. Wow. What a shocking set of debuts indeed.

Paige and her two new friends were interviewed backstage when Bliss walked up to them. She thanked them for beating her enemies and then this new stable beat Bliss down and tossed her all around the backstage area.

Braun Strowman vs Jason Jordan

Jason slapped Braun right off the bat the slid out of the ring. Once JJ returned to the ring, he felt the wrath of Strowman for a bit by being treated like a sandbag. Jordan rolled out of the ring and started selling a leg injury again.

Suddenly, Kane showed up with a chair and took Braun out hitting him across the chest with a chair. Kane beat Braun all over the ringside area with the chair and really took him to the woodshed.

Suddenly Kane did that spot where he crushed Braun’s windpipe with the steel chair. Braun was left gasping for air while holding his throat as Kane walked away. Braun tried his best to no-sell it but The Monster Among Men was hurt like a wounded beast as he walked up the ramp clutching his throat and gasping for air.

Enzo is still Cruiserweight Champion

Enzo came out with all of the 205 Live heels and ran through all of them in an attempt to get them all over in his own way. He kept talking about how many more people were watching them now that they’re on the “Zo Train.”

The 205 Live babyfaces came out and entered the ring while cutting off Drew Gulak.

Rich Swann said without the heels, Enzo is nothing but a catchphrase and a t-shirt. Enzo shoved Gulak into them and caused a fight between everyone as Amore slide out of them to smile and watch the action go down.

This resulted in a massive match between the entire 205 Live roster (pretty much because there were some guys who weren’t there). The babyfaces won that one.

Backstage Segment

Kurt Angle said Braun Strowman left without taking medical assistance and he went in to check on his son Jason Jordan instead. “You’re right, he’s a Monster Among Men” JJ said… and that led nowhere yet again.

Ladies and Gentlemen… Elias vs Matt Hardy

The Drifter was way more over than most would think he would be. “Let’s go Astros” chants broke out and Elias reminded them the season was over. He stopped again and asked someone to stop clapping because it was throwing him off… then Matt Hardy came out.

Hardy jumped Elias and unloaded on him in the corner. A match never really started. Instead, Elias rolled out and left leaving Matt smiling his head off in the ring.

The Miz vs Roman Reigns (IC Title Match)

It’s time for the Big Dog to get his hands on The Miz. These two wrestled a match which should be expected from a heel like The Miz and a babyface like The Shield.

But Miz really took Roman Reigns for a good fight. Roman positioned himself for the Superman Punch and The Miz rolled out. Roman followed and ate a DDT on the outside. The Miz was proving once again that he could bring it to anyone he wanted to. I’d like to see him work Brock Lesnar at this point… certainly against Daniel Bryan.

Reigns barely made it back to the ring before the referee counted to 10 and then he ate another DDT for a two-count. The Miz wore Roman Reigns down and took his time circling The Big Dog before picking him apart even more.

Miz started hitting his corner dropkicks and Roman plucked him out of the air for a Samoan Drop that Miz got out of. Then Roman moved out of the way once again as Miz ran toward him and he racked himself on the second turnbuckle.

Miz drove a knee into Roman’s midsection and started the It Kicks while Cole corrected Graves and called them “Yes kicks” to further acknowledge Daniel Bryan’s wrestling moves even though they won’t let him wrestle anymore.

Reigns hit a Samoan Drop and got a two count. Reigns went for a Superman Punch but Miz almost turned it into a Skull Crushing Finale. The Miz was on fire as he avoided another Superman Punch and pulled off a sick kick to the side of the head. 1-2-kick out!

“Miz is awesome” chants rang out once again in the crowd as The Miz choked Roman out with his foot. Miz hit the corner clothesline and climbed to the top rope. Miz jumped down right into a Superman Punch but The Miz kicked out at two.

Sheamus and Cesaro came down to distract Roman and Miz hit a Skull Crushing Finale for a two count. Ambrose and Rollins came down and attacked The Bar. The playing field was evened out. Reigns hit The Spear out of nowhere and got the win.

Winner and NEW IC Champion: Roman Reigns

Raw went off the air with The Shield celebrating with The Big Dog.












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