Opening Segment

Kurt Angle was the first one out and people were glad to see him as always. Just as Kurt Angle was about to announce who Roman Reigns would defend his IC Title against Jason Jordan’s music hit and Angle’s Baby Boy came down to join things.

JJ got booed very heavily. Jordan said he wanted Roman and Angle said he can’t be serous because his knee is still taped up. JJ said he’s been in the ring with a bunch of people and listed a bunch of main eventers he lost against and said he held his own against them all.

JJ said he’s ready to stand up and can beat Reigns, “I just need a chance dad” and Jason gave Kurt those puppy dog eyes. It was really quite pathetic.

Roman Reigns came out with his IC Title slung over his shoulder and rose it up high before making the rest of his way to the ring.

“Kurt I’m a fighting champion and I’m gonna tell you who I’m fighting and it won’t be your son” Reigns said. He said he wanted Samoa Joe and told Jason Jordan that if he wants something to not go to his daddy about it, he should just step up and take it.

JJ laughed about Reigns earning things and said he’s a poster child for what WWE wants. Roman said he has been on a lot of posters and been on a lot of chairs (those front row chairs they let you take home) because he’s main evented a lot of shows.

Samoa Joe came out and said JJ and RR were pretending to talk tough and his patience has worn thin. Then he accepted Roman’s challenge for an IC Title match. He gave Reigns five seconds to withdraw his challenge and the crowd counted down.

JJ started talking and immediately got booed. He said he doesn’t have to talk tough because he is tough because he doesn’t have to attack people from behind. Then Roman turned to Joe and JJ hit him from behind with a suplex.

Roman said it’s not going down like this and said Joe can wait until later tonight but Jason can get it right now. Then he told Kurt to make the match.

Roman Reigns vs Jason Jordan (Intercontinental Title Match)

Roman took it to JJ in the ring and then they moved outside so Jason Jordan could take a ride into the barricade and then the steel steps as well.

They made it back to the ring and Roman Reigns just clotheslined Jason Jordan back outside. Then RR hit JJ with a driveby. He rolled Jason back inside and got a two count.

Oh yeah, Samoa Joe was sitting on the stage this entire time in a folding chair just watching the match intently. JJ backed Roman into the corner and drove his shoulder into Reigns, then he picked Roman up and drove him from corner to corner. But Roman moved when Jason went charging in for a splash, but JJ recovered and sent Roman plummeting outside anyway.

JJ locked in an armbar and kept Roman down. But it didn’t take long for Roman Reigns to pop up and get back in charge of things. Roman ran in for a Superman Punch but JJ caught him with a dropkick.

They made their way outside once again and Roman Reigns went for a Superman Punch off the steel ring steps but JJ caught him and drove the Big Dog into the ring post.

Roman eventually hit a Superman Punch after some back and forth action but JJ kicked out at two. Once they got up, Roman tried for a Spear but caught a knee to the face and JJ hit him with a double Northern Lights Suplex for a two count. But Roman would eventually catch the Spear and score the win over Kurt Angle’s Baby Boy.

Winner: Roman Reigns via pinfall

Samoa Joe got on the mic and said Roman was looking a little tired and maybe “the kid wore you out” then he came to the ring looking to put him to sleep. Joe came in and tried to wrap up Roman but JJ suplexed Joe out of the ring. Nice heel move, JJ. In a way to say thank you, Roman Superman Punched Jason out of the ring.

Backstage Segment

Kurt Angle was backstage talking on his cell phone about how he knows things got out of hand. Jason Jordan walked up to his daddy and Kurt had to hang up with Stephanie McMahon. JJ said he had to get a rematch next week and he wanted a match against Samoa Joe tonight.

JJ said he had to let him in the match against Samoa Joe. Kurt said he will take it under advisement and he needs to get out of his office and cool off. Suddenly Samoa Joe jumped JJ and bulldozed over him. “Like father like son, right Kurt?” Joe said before walking off.

Paige vs Sasha Banks

It was time to see what Paige could do and Banks had Mickie James and Bayley by her side to match Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville on Paige’s side of things.

Sasha flipped Paige across the ring a couple of times after taunting her. Then Banks started laying in the elbows until the ref pulled her off. Paige used this opportunity to lay in a few knee strikes and get a two count.

Paige soon wrapped Sasha up in a submission hold and disconnected it just in time to roll her up for a two count and then transition into another submission hold. Banks rolled Paige up for a pin but the Anti Diva sprung up to take Banks down with a clothesline.

Banks was lifted onto the apron and climbed on top to hit a cross body for a two count. Then Sasha wrapped up Paige’s arms and transitioned her from one submission hold to another while Absolution just had to look on.

Paige hit a double-leg takedown and they started unloading punches on each other. Paige looked like she was going for a Paige Turner but Sasha charged forward and they both went toppling out of the ring.

Sasha started building momentum with some takedowns but Paige moved out of the way of a double knee to the corner. Paige climbed to the top rope, but Banks stopped her and climbed up to join the top rope party. They fought for top position but Paige ended up hitting a rather rough looking sunset flip powerbomb for a two count.

Banks fought back when both ladies got to their feet but Paige tried for a Rampaige but Banks reversed into a Bank Statement. With nowhere to go, Paige found the bottom rope with her foot to break up the submission hold. Paige fell to the floor and Rose and Deville surrounded her but Banks rolled outside and put Paige back inside just in time for Bayley and Mickie to attack but Absolution laid out the veterans.

Suddenly Paige nailed a kick and hit the Rampaige for the win.

Winner: Paige via pinfall

After the match was over, Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose stomped Sasha Banks down a little bit for her troubles.

Backstage Segment

Kurt Angl was on his phone as always when Elias walked up and told him to silence his cell phone and hold his applause until after he’s finished. Then he said he wanted another opportunity at the IC Title but Kurt gave it to his son which isn’t cool.

Elias said the City Of Angels wanted to walk with Elias and everyone cheered. It was pretty great. Then Elias said Angle’s bias for his bastard son will be the end of him.

Angle told Elias to have his concert and he’ll find a worthy opponent.

Enzo Amore was backstage with his Cruiserweight heel partners and he was giving them a really hard time for not being winners. But Enzo said he is a winner which is fine.

Then Nia Jax walked up and was all smiles. She looked at Enzo and said, “how you doing?” then she walked off. It was rather… odd…

Drew Gulak vs Mustafa Ali vs Cedric Alexander vs Tony Nese

The winner of this match would go on to face Rich Swann next week on Raw. They’re calling all the heels on 205 Live the “Zo Train” which is just delightful.

All four of these guys really gave it their all but Drew Gulak would come out victorious in the end.

Winner: Drew Gulak

Ladies and Gentlemen… Elias

Elias was in the building and he had something to say… or sing to the LA crowd. But it his concert was short-lived because Braun Strowman’s music busted out and The Monster Among Men came down to ruin Elias’ fun.

Elias acted like he was going to leave, but then jumped back in to attempt a surprise attack. This didn’t end well though with a splash to the corner, Elias was done. Elias drove Strowman into the post after kicking him in the face.

Elias grabbed a guitar and smashed it over Braun’s back but it didn’t seem to phase him. Elias tried to cut through the ring but Braun met him with a stiff clothesline and tossed him in the ring. Then Elias ate a running powerslam.

“One more time” the crowd chanted but they had no idea what Strowman was thinking when he rolled outside ot grab the steel ring steps and toss them in the ring. Suddenly Kane appeared on the screen after the arena busted into The Big Red Machine’s music and entrance.

Kane talked up his feud with Braun and said he’s been a Monster Among Men so long that he’s forgotten what it’s like to be a Monster Among Monsters… neat. They’re having a match next week.

Backstage Segment

The Shield were backstage and Rollins is talking about how every member of The Shield being covered in gold and how they’re going to make it happen tonight. Dean had a fun bit where he pretended to forget their championship match was tonight.

Finn Balor vs Bo Dallas

I’m not going to lie, I got very disappointed when I figured out The Miz wasn’t coming back because they were just using his theme song.

After a nice little match it was time to see if Vince McMahon thought that Finn Balor was over enough to defeat Bo Dallas… which he was. That is a good thing. Bo Dallas ate a Coup De Gras and that was all she wrote for the Miztourage in LA.

Winner: Finn Balor via pinfall

Matt Hardy’s Awakening

Bray Wyatt appeared on the screen and cut a promo about Matt Hardy while WWE spliced Matt Hardy in his red coat and wide eyed expression on the screen. While both of them cut promos in their own way, Matt Hard was so obviously super over it was ridiculous. It looks like he’s fully Woken now and has chosen Bray Wyatt for DELETION.

It’s amazing to see this gimmick back in the hands of someone who really deserves it.

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins vs The Bar (Raw Tag Team Championships)

The Bar really are a dirty tag team this point bent on winning at any measure. Both of these teams had pretty good showings and looked very strong with The Bar maintaining a lot of the slower portions of the match to gain heat.

But in the end, Sheamus wouldn’t listen to the referee so he DQ’ed The Bar which meant 2/3 of The Shield won but The Bar kept their titles.

Kurt Angle came out and restarted the match and while you’d think this means that we’re going to see a title change in most circumstances, you’d be totally wrong because Samoa Joe jumped in out of nowhere and started laying it to 2/3 of The Shield. Roman Reigns ran down to save them, but Sheamus nailed Ambrose with a Brogue Kick in the scramble and put Cesaro over him for the win.

Winners: The Bar via pinfall




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