Last night was WWE Great Balls Of Fire and who knows what will happen on Raw. One of the most interesting parts of the show was the ending of the Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns match. Did we see a double turn? Also, what’s next for Brock Lesnar and the Universal Championship? Hopefully, all of those questions will be answered in time.

Opening Segment

Big Cass and his awful new music were introduced first and Colin Cassady came out looking very pleased with himself. He held his fist up high as he walked to the ring. I guess holding his fist up is Colin’s new thing. Good show Cass.

“Casshole” chants rang out as Big Cass just stood there with a mic in hand. It was a normal mic unlike the kind he used to sport with Enzo. “How you doing?” he asked and the placed booed him hardcore. He said after what he did to Enzo at Great Balls Of Fire he felt much better.

Cass narrated a slide show of him beating Enzo senseless at Great Balls Of Fire. He was getting a lot of heat from this crowd but in all honesty, he wasn’t holding a candle to Enzo’s microphone skills.

More “Casshole” chants came ringing out after they showed footage of Enzo being led to the trainer’s room backstage. Cass said let this be a lesson to the Raw locker room. From the bottom of the totem pole to the top, that’s what happens when you mess with Big Cass.

He gives some bitter talk about the people who never supported him. He said he’s the future of WWE and he told everyone not to jump on his bandwagon. Okay, we won’t.

He said he will be the Universal Champion one day and that got a huge heel pop. He said once he wins the Universal Championship he will shove it down everyone’s throats. He said he’ll headline Mania, be on the Tonight Show, and be Universal Champion.

Cass said nobody is on his level, nobody is on his level, he’s on the top of the mountain. As soon as he started talking about how big he is The Big Show came down to remind him what a real big man looks like.

Big Show got a fair amount of chants but Cass wasn’t impressed. Cass said something to him that needed to be bleeped and Show just beat him down. He wrapped him up and hammered on him. Show got Big Cass down in the corner and kicked him down. Suddenly Big Cass squirmed free and retreated up the entrance ramp.

Finn Balor vs Elias Samson

“Hello I’m Elias Samson and I have a question for everybody here tonight, ‘who wants to walk with Elias?'” He started with a pretty little song for Houston after asking them to keep their cell phones down and hold their applause. He wrote a song for Finn Balor and it was a pretty one.

The fans hated the song so much. But they loved it when Finn interrupted Samson’s song.

Fonzie Balor came out of the smoke and looked intensely toward the ring. He was seeking some retribution on Elias Samson and didn’t want to stop until Elias forgot every guitar chord he knew.

Finn and Elias locked up and traded some reversals until Finn started laying in the kicks. Finn locked in a headlock and slowed it down a bit to whisper sweet nothings in Samson’s ear. Finn hit a dropkick to Elias’ face but Samson soon turned it around.

Balor ended up on the apron and kicked Elias in the side of the head while Michael Cole told a story about how Elias Samson got the scar on his elbow. It had something to do with getting in a fight at an Eric Clapton concert. Because that’s where the bloodiest fights happen after all.

Elias backed Finn up against the ropes and chopped him, hit him with a suplex, and locked in a submission hold. Finn reversed out of it and rolled Samson up for a two count.

Elias tossed Balor to the turnbuckle but caught a boot to the face when he ran in. Balor knocked him down a couple of times and hit a dropkick. Balor shot him to the corner and caught a boot to the face. Samson got to the top and Finn knocked him to the floor, hit a dropkick through the ropes, and tried for a kick from the apron but Elias grabbed his foot and sent him crashing to the apron. That’s the hardest part of the ring!

Samson locked in an armbar once they returned to the ring and Finn fought to make it out of the hold and stomped on Elias’ chest. Finn reversed out of the hold eventually and looked like he was ready to finish the match but Samson would take control once again.

Elias rolled Balor up in a pin and it didn’t look like Finn kicked out in time, even though the ref stopped counting at two. Samson hit a stiff looking forearm and Finn replied with an overhead kick to The Drifter’s head.

Finn hit a Sling Blade and then he hit his dropkick to the chest. Balor climbed to the top of the corner and hit the Coup De Gras for the clean win.

When Finn walked up the ramp The Hardy Boyz came out to join him. Their music hit and Matt and Jeff made their way to the ring.

Hardy Boyz vs The Club

Jeff Hardy said they battled Sheamus and Cesaro last night and they were one second short. He said they know what the other tag teams in the back have to be thinking that they should be declared as obsolete.

Matt said they are making a proclamation. He said they have only begun to make magic in the WWE Universe when The Club came out to tell them “enough.” Gallows said it wasn’t other tag teams saying they were done, it was them.

Karl Anderson said they only proved last night they weren’t the Hardy Boyz of old, they’re just the old Hardy Boyz. Matt said neither of them were 100%. They’re bruised, stitched up, and somewhat broken.

Matt and Karl started things out and Jeff got the quick tag. Jeff and Matt hit a double suplex and Luke came in to take some Poetry In Motion.

The Club soon took over as Luke Gallows laid down some pain on Jeff. They hit a Boot Of Doom but Matt broke up the pinfall attempt.

Matt got the tag and tons of “delete” chants came out. He smashed Karl’s head against the bottom turnbuckle and ran in for his corner clothesline. Anderson blocked a running bulldog but took a Side Effect. Hardy hit an elbow drop to the back of Ander’s neck. But Karl blocked a Twist Of Fate. Luke kicked Matt in the back of the head, and then they hit a Magic Killer for the win.

The Club defeated The Hardy Boyz clean. But you have to beat The Hardyz pretty badly to break them, and don’t we want them to be Broken? Suddenly The Revival’s music hit as The Club was leaving up the ramp. The Revival walked right past The Club and headed right to the Hardy Boyz.

Dash and Dawson jumped Matt and Jeff and hit Matt with a top rope knee to the face. Then they hit Jeff with a Shatter Machine double team move. As The Revival hugged in the middle of the ring they were obviously glad to be back in such a powerful role.

The Mizzies

No, The Mizzies isn’t a new cartoon puppet show for children, it’s the greatest award ceremony every devised.

Miz, Maryse, and the Miztourage were in the ring with a podium in the middle of the ring with several awards sitting on it.

The first Mizzie was for best-supporting actor and Miz said it was a tie of Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel for their role in the Miztourage. Bo said “thank you to someone very special to me: The Miz. Without him, none of this would be possible. He not only changed his career but he changed his life.”

Curtis Axel said he looks and feels like a million bucks and because of Miz he’ll get a million bucks.

The next Mizzie was for most beautiful woman and Maryse won. Maryse was really acting choked up and it was quite hilarious. Miz and Maryse credited each other for all of this and they embraced in the ring. Then Miz announced the final Mizzie which was apparently the moment we’ve all been waiting for.

The last Mizzie for Greatest Man In WWE went to “Dean Ambrose — just kidding” Miz said then he said the award went to The Miz.

Miz said Dean Ambrose is the toughest man in WWE, and if he beat him what does that make him?

Insert Dean Ambrose here. Ambrose jumped Miz immediately and took him down. But the numbers gave worked against Ambrose until Seth Rollins ran down to help his old buddy out.

2/3 of the Shield cleared The Miztourage out of the ring and stood tall to end the segment.

Backstage Segment

Dean asked Seth what that was all about. Dean told him he didn’t trust Seth and there wasn’t going to be a Shield reunion. He said to stay out of his business.

Sasha Banks and Bayley vs Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax

These four faced off against each other on Raw last week and Alexa Bliss is still the Raw Women’s Champion. So why not have a do-over this week? After all, WWE is all about do-overs.

Bliss and Banks started things off because that makes sense. Banks kept going for Bliss but she retreated to the ropes. Bliss slapped Banks and tagged in Nia Jax.

Bayley got the tag and Jax knocked her down. Banks chased Bliss around the ring and caused a distraction. Bayley caught an elbow drop to the back of Jax’s head and the heels left the ring to regroup.

Banks backed Alexa up in the corner and applied some knees to her pretty little face. 1-2-kick out. Bayley got the tag and drove Alexa’s head into the mat with a bulldog. Nia soon got the tag and came in to no-sell to Bayley.

Nia snatched Bayley up but The Hugger squirmed out and hit a dropkick to her knee. Bayley hung Nia up in the second rope and Alexa distracted her. Bayley knocked her off the apron but it was enough to give Jax the chance to jump her from behind.

Bayley tried to fight back, but Nia snatched her up and tried to choke her out. She shot Bayley into the corner and tagged in Bliss. Bliss ran up to Bayley off a slingshot from Nia and just slapped her across the face.

Bayley kicked out of a pin attempt and Bliss carried on the assault. Nia got the tag back in and deliverd a headbutt to Bayley, wrapped her up in a submission hold, and Bayley tried to fight back. Bayley almost got to her corner and the tag but Nia kept her away and drove her into the opposite corner.

While Alexa distracted Banks and the ref, Jax came in and took Bayley out. Bliss got to the top rope and hit the Sparkle Splash. I know they call it the Twisted Bliss now, but I don’t care.

After a little bit of a scuffle, Bayley rolled Bliss up and pushed really hard to keep her shoulders to the mat for a three count. Bayley and Sasha Banks won.

Goldust Promo

Goldust was back doing another backstage promo where he quoted older films and hyped his rivalry with R-Truth. He said The Shattered Truth was a box office smash and it’s only natural that he gives his audience what they want: an enchore. He said normally a sequel isn’t as good as the original, but nothing about him is normal. So grab your popcorn and snuggle up close and enjoy the Shattered Truth Part 2 because The Golden Age is back.

Braun Strowman Update Tease

Michael Cole hyped the fact that Braun Strowman walked away after being nearly murdered by Roman Reigns at Great Balls Of Fire.

R-Truth vs Goldust

What’s up? What’s up? What’s up? What’s up? What’s up? What’s up? What’s up? What’s up?

Goldust came out without his personal cameraman this time. It’s a shame they already dropped the golden cameraman. That guy got some crazy shots.

Goldust begged off through the ropes in the beginning and then hit a cheap shot. R-Truth got Goldy in the corner and shot him to the other corner for a flying elbow strike. Truth kept hitting Goldy with some shots, but Goldy reversed it on him and sent R-Truth to the mat.

Then Goldy got Truth in a submission hold and pet his head like he was a kitten. Then he punched Truth’s face which is something you should never do to a kitten.

Goldust reversed a move attempt into a spinebuster for a two count until R-Truth grabbed the bottom rope. Goldy mounted Truth in the corner and pounded down with some fists until Truth reversed it into a powerbomb.

They both got back to their feet and Truth started to rally. He hit Goldy with a few takedowns and a spinning elbow. R-Truth went for a scissors kick, but Goldust avoided it and hit him with a chopblock. Goldy kept working on Truth’s knee and tried to go for a figure four looking move but he kicked Goldy out of the ring. When Goldust came back in Truth hit him with a mule kick and a scissors kick for a two count.

Goldy moved out of the way and Truth took the post then he hit his finisher and got the win. So it looks like Goldust is still winning this feud.

Kurt Angle Meets Brock Lesnar

Kurt Angle came out and said Great Balls Of Fire was a huge success. Braun Strowman was really hurt and nobody knows when he’ll be back. So he introduced Brock Lesnar. The crowd was happy to see him and the Universal Championship. They were happy to see Paul Heyman too, which is always fun.

Kurt said fourteen years ago at Mania Brock defeated him for the WWE Championship. Kurt said Brock gets better and better every year. Paul Heyman grabbed the mic and introduced Kurt to Brock and asked if there was anything else he wanted.

Kurt asked Paul if anyone had any ideas who would be facing Brock for the Universal Title at SummerSlam. Paul Heyman said they didn’t realize they were taking part in a creative meeting. Paul thanked him for his time and bid him a pleasant evening. As they were about to leave Roman Reigns’ music hit and that stopped them in their tracks.

Roman appeared and all the ladies went wild. Reigns walked to the ring and stood in front of them. Kurt Angle said Roman has a lot of nerve showing up after what he pulled last night.

Roman said he’s in the ring with Paul Heyman, Kurt Angle, and Brock Lesnar and they’re telling him they went too far because they blew everything up. Bad examples.

Roman said Brock didn’t know how to handle Braun Strowman and he’s never around to. Kurt had to step between the two as Brock just looked back at him with a blank stare. Roman said he wanted Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam.

Paul Heyman said he liked that and Brock took the mic from him. Brock said Roman didn’t deserve a shot at the Universal Title and said he didn’t deserve sh-t. Brock said that’s the closest he’s going to get to the title and that’s when Samoa Joe joined the party.

Joe said, “aren’t we all living in a wonderful fantasy land?” He offered to drag everyone back down to reality. The reality is Joe kicked Brock’s ass last night and soon enough he’s putting him to sleep. If Brock knew in his heart of hearts he didn’t beat Joe, he escaped him and Roman has never beaten him.

Paul Heyman said his opinion is The Big Dog that put The Undertaker on the Samoan Trophy Case, the Excommunicated Samoan will never see Brock Lesnar in a title match again.

Joe got in Brock’s face again and they bumped foreheads. Joe said Brock needs to listen to his advocate because he knows he’s the man. Joe made Brock look at him while Roman just stood back until Joe got in his face and told him he’s real mouthy for a man who got beat last night.

Then Kurt Angle said he has an idea. Then Kurt Angle booked Roman Reigns vs Samoa Joe for next week in a #1 contender match. “No go blows tonight!” Kurt said trying to keep them apart.

Kurt Angle told them to look forward to SummerSlam and the segment ended with Kurt Angle’s music going on as the crowd wished they could have more Brock vs Joe.

When they shot to the announce team, Corey was on his phone again. He looked down and said he had to go once again. Wonder what all this is about… still… hmm.

Backstage Segment

Kurt Angle is looking at his phone and Corey Graves walked up to him. Kurt asked him if he got the same text he did. He said he can’t get this out. He asked if he should go public with this. Then Kurt said he’s going public with this next week.

Corey Graves said Kurt has the support of a ton of people and he has all the confidence in the world that everything will be just fine. Kurt still seemed worried.

Akira Tozawa and Cedric Alexander vs Noam Dar and Neville

Cedric his Dar with a stiff chop early on and took advantage over the Scottish Supernova. Dar eventually jumped out of the ring and hugged Alicia Fox while she told everyone to stop laughing at him.

Tozawa got the tag once they got back in the ring and after a double team, Dar kicked out of a pin attempt.

Neville got the tag and Tozawa took some pain to him. He hit a hurricanrana, but Neville pulled him face-first into the middle turnbuckle. Dar and Neville traded spots stomping on Tozawa in the corner.

Neville placed Cedric Alexander on the top rope and climbed up to join him. Cedric fought back and Neville ended up getting racked over the top rope. Cedric hit Noam Dar with a plancha and Tozawa kicked the top rope to hurt Neville’s junk.

Towaza climbed to the top rope and hit a senton bomb for the win. Ah, WWE’s 50/50 booking is a wonderful thing, eh?

Backstage Interview

Seth Rollins said he feels like his eye is on fire and he sure had a shiner from his match against Bray at Great Balls Of Fire. He said he only came out earlier in order to shut up The Miz. He said Bray is a coward and he’ll just expose the fact that Wyatt is another guy who can’t hang with Seth Freakin Rollins.

Bray Wyatt said he is everywhere and everything and his fate is for him to toy with. Bray spoke in a few brilliant metaphors with a delivery that was both peaceful and furious at the same time. Bray Wyatt is so amazing.

Bray Wyatt vs Seth Rollins

Bray started out with the advantage but the separated and reset after a quick first confrontation that ended up in the corner. Seth started to unload on Bray and caught him with a kick to the face. 1-2- kick out.

Bray left the ring and Rollins followed him. Wyatt got back in the ring first and hit a tackle on Rollins. Bray looked at Seth upside down and went for a Sister Abigail but Seth fought out of it. Bray ended up outside and Seth hit a suicide dive then sent Wyatt into the ring post.

Rollins grabbed Wyatt’s hand and tried to rip it off. He got back in the ring and started stomping on Bray’s fingers to further punish the hand that he put in his eye last night at Great Balls Of Fire.

Seth and Bray moved outside again and Seth started punching him in the face and then slammed The Eater Of World’s hand onto the ring steps. Bray rolled back in the ring and Seth came in with a springboard move but Bray caught him and his a uranage slam.

Wyatt kept Rollins on the mat with a submission hold and stomped at Seth’s back in-between holds. Seth amped himself up and broke free of Wyatt’s grip to deliver a dropkick to The Eater Of Worlds.

Bray launched Seth into the corner and hit him with a running splash for a two count. The “let’s got Rollins” chants broke out as Seth ate a DDT from Bray. 1-2-kick out. The Bray went right back to the rear chinlock.

Bray placed Seth on the top rope and climbed up to join him. Bray and Seth traded some shots on top and Rollins knocked Bray off the top. He jumped over Bray and Wyatt tried to kick him but Seth answered with a couple kicks of his own to take Bray down.

Seth got to his feet first and walked over to Bray. Rollins blocked a right hand from Bray, kicked him in the gut, stomped on Wyatt’s bad hand, and hit a Sling Blade.

Bray rolled out of the ring and Seth hit a suicide dive. Then Bray rolled back in the ring and Rollins hit a springboard clothesline on Bray. Seth hit Bray with a couple forearms in the corner and then Bray ate Rollins’ boot when he ran back at him. Block Buster from Rollins 1-2- kick out!

With Bray still on the mat Seth went to the top rope. Bray hit him and tried to hit a slam from the top but Seth countered into a Falcon Arrow for another two count. Bray was still on the mat and Seth stalked him from behind. Bray hit him with a back elbow and set up for a Sister Abigail but Seth reversed out of it. Bray hit a stiff headbutt that sent him to the ground looking dazed.

Bray hit a Sister Abigail. 1-2-3 and Bray Wyatt wins two in a row over Seth Rollins!

The screen goes all “Wyatty” and suddenly Bray was gone when the lights came back up. The Miztourage surrounded the ring as Seth Rollins remained on the mat.

Dallas, Axel, and Miz all came in the ring and the jumped Rollins. As they kicked him down to the mat, Dean ran down with a chair and it looked like a chair was a much better partner than Roman Reigns ever was.

Dean cleared the ring with the help of his new best friend Mr Chair. As The Miztourage sat on the outside of the ring and Seth laid in the corner, Dean Ambrose’s music played on.

Backstage Segment

Kurt angle was on the phone backstage and told whoever he was talking to on the phone to stop thinking that way. He said neither one of them have anything to be ashamed of and he’s proud of whoever he’s talking to. “Why don’t you come here next week and we’ll tell the whole world together and whatever happens, happens.” He hung up and looked off in the distance to close out the show.