It’s time for Monday Night Raw. They’re only about two hours from the site of WrestleMania 34 which will be where (spoiler alert) Brock Lesnar will battle Roman Reigns and Lesnar has already broken The Undertaker’s streak at WrestleMania 30.

Tonight Brock Lesnar will confront the man who took out his advocate. Samoa Joe choked out Paul Heyman last week in a chilling display and The Beast Incarnate wants to make things clear that isn’t okay.

Sheamus and Cesaro are set to put their Raw tag team titles on the line against The Brothers who travelled through space and time. It’s going to be epic.

The most interesting part will be if they decided to use Bray Wyatt or ring announcer JoJo tonight. News broke today he cheated on his wife with the WWE ring announcer and Bray’s wife is filing for divorce because of that. It’s not the same business it used to be, Bray plus JoJo does not equal okay.

Opening Segment

Brock Lesnar was in the building and the packed crowd couldn’t wait to see him bounce around and look scary. Paul Heyman strolled to the ring next to Lesnar in a black suit with brown dress shoes.

Heyman got on the mic and said it is Samoa’s Joe day of reckoning administrated by the reigning, defending Universal Champion Brrrrrrrrock Lessssnar!

Paul kept cutting a promo on the events of last week when Samoa Joe choked him out. Heyman said if Joe had an old score to settle it would be different but that’s not what it was about. Paul said now Brock Lesnar has a problem and it will be solved by the greatest problem solver in WWE history: Brock Lesnar.

Heyman said he thought Joe was going to be an even match to Lesnar but that’s not who he is. Paul asked how many Samoans there have been in this business and they’re all related and they know each other and they’re proud of each other. Everyone except for Samoa Joe. Nobody wants to claim Samoa Joe. Heyman said Joe was a mutt, a punk, and a dog.

Paul said Joe will never get the Coquina Clutch on Brock Lesnar because he’s not man enough.

Insert Samoa Joe and he looked angry.

Joe and Brock stood face to face and Joe just jumped Brock with a headbutt. He got Lesnar down, but Brock sprung back up and muscled Joe into the corner. The brawl went to the other corner and a bunch of security guards entered the ring. Lesnar and Joe took them all out.

Then Joe and Lesnar kept fighting.

Suddenly the entire Raw locker room flooded down the entrance ramp and ran in the ring. They tried to keep them apart, but Joe broke free and kicked Brock in the face. The superstars scrambled to tear them apart again.

With Kurt Angle directing traffic, Samoa Joe was finally led up the ramp and Lesnar was kept in the ring but it took half of the roster apiece to keep them from killing each other. Brock Lesnar looked on from the ring surrounded by his half of the Raw roster looking intensely down at Joe as The Samoan Submission Machine looked like he was ready to go again.

Elias Samson vs Dean Ambrose

Just The Drifter’s name brings boos from the crowd at this point. He said “hello I’m Elias Samson” twice and it brought plenty more boos. He’s hated and doing his job well. It looked like he had a nifty new snake skin looking guitar.

As he played his song on the guitar about how Louisiana is a laughing stock and Cajuns should be caged up cell phone flashlights drifted in the darkened arena. Samson’s promo was directed at Dean Ambrose. As Samson sang that Ambrose will fall again The Lunatic Fringe’s music hit.

Booker T said he liked Elias Samson and he has the makings of a star when Corey Graves said he needed to specify what kind of star he was taking about. Dean and Elias started off slowly with Dean snagging an arm wrench but Samson countered out and shot him against the ropes. Ambrose jumped over and they went off the ropes. Ambrose caught him with a shot and Samson rolled out of the ring to take a breather for a minute.

Once Dean got him back in the ring he tried to take advantage with some shots, but Samson put him right back down with a powerful clothesline. Samson kicked Dean down in the corner and carried on with his ruthless assault.

Michael Cole said you can say what you want about Elias Samson’s guitar playing and singing but he’s all business when he gets in the ring. As he applied a headlock on Dean Ambrose it was apparent he was getting a much better shot than he ever got in NXT.

“You can’t sing/you can’t wrestle” chants rang out in the Cajundome as Dean Ambrose fought out of the headlock from Samson. Dean hit a couple of chops and Elias answered back. Then Dean started to take him down with some clotheslines and hit a fisherman’s suplex for a two count.

With Samson slumped in the corner Dean hit a running forearm but when Dean went for the bulldog he got a boot to the face. Elias rolled outside and was hit by a suicide dive from Dean.

Samson rolled back inside and Dean climbed to the top rope. The Drifter met The Lunatic Fringe on the top and Elias climbed up to join Dean. It looked like he was going for a superplex, but Ambrose blocked it and countered with some headbutts that took Samson down.

Dean hit his was going for something, but Miz ran down and caused a distraction. Dean jumped down to deal with Miz and Samson rolled him up for a two count.

Dean got pissed and hit Elias with a clothesline and then left the ring to stalk The Miz and Maryse who were now at ringside. Miz begged off as Dean approached him. He put his wife in front of Ambrose, but Dean finally got his hands on him and sent him into the barricade. Dean turned to Maryse and Miz tried to jump him but failed.

Dean rolled in at the nine count from the referee but was met with a sick knee to the back of the head. One Close The Door later from Elias Samson and he just beat Dean Ambrose clean.

Miz and Maryse stood on the ramp looking very pleased with themselves as Elias Samson stayed in the ring letting it register he just beat a former WWE World Champion.

Goldust Promo

Goldust cut an old school promo on R-Truth saying he got to Truth before he got gotten. He said Truth never understood him and Goldy always made him feel uncomfortable. He said like beauty nothing lasts forever unless you’re made of gold. He better buckle up buckaroo because the Golden Age is back. *bites at the air*

Backstage Promo

Kurt Angle ran up to Miz and got in his face all made that he jumped in the Dean Ambrose match. Miz tried to justify himself and said Kurt was only able to ruin his celebration last week because Angle was dealing with his personal problems.

“What do you know about my personal problems?” Kurt Angle asked.

Miz changed the subject and told Kurt to fire/suspend or fire and suspend him. Kurt said he’s not going to do anything to Dean Ambrose and if Miz has a problem with Dean Ambrose he needs to figure it out by himself.

Noam Dar is back stage saying he doesn’t need a touch-up with makeup. Then Cedric Alexander showed up and said he’s over Noam Dar and that ratchet Alicia Fox. Foxy was on Dar’s phone via FaceTime and started going off on Alexander. Dar said Fox was at home suffering from a neck injury from last week.

The whole FaceTime deal was actually pretty innovative.

Alexander said all of this will end tonight and he left Dar and Foxy to argue on the phone.

Cedric Alexander vs Noam Dar

Well it looks like these two aren’t done. Dar walked out to the ring still talking to Alicia Fox via FaceTime and for some reason the audio from his phone was playing through the arena speakers. They must have automatically connected to Dar’s Bluetooth.

Alicia Fox’s video was playing on the big screen too. As she kept bugging Dar and distracting him the ref told him to put up the phone. The bell rang and Cedric immediately hit a Lumbar Check for the win.

Alicia Fox laid on the mat alongside her man. Only she was on a phone and Dar had been laid out.

It’s a shame the ring crew had to change the whole ring purple for that six second match.

They announced Bray Wyatt would be next so I guess that answers our question as to if they’re going to keep him hidden this week amid his extramarital controversy.

Bray Wyatt Speaks

Wyatt was shown in a backstage segment. This isn’t strange for his character though so it didn’t seem out of place. He spoke about humanity’s flaws and the anger of the sun. He said he was the only one who can save us.

Then he held up his lantern and whispered “I’m here” as he blew out his candle.

The arena went black and the fireflies came out. Bray Wyatt made his way to the ring slowly with a concentrated look on his face. Bray spun his lantern around the ring before a spotlight hit him and he continued to speak.

“Those who deny me will be judged. Those who sit in pathetic apathy will pay for their guilt. And he who dares blaspheme my name will be punished” Bray said. Huh. That’s oddly timely right now considering the injunction he has against his soon-to-be ex-wife right now.

Then Bray started rolling on Seth Rollins saying he lives in a glass house while his blueprints coat the walls and blot out the sun. But it only took one dose of Bray’s truth last week to take Rollins down.

Bray said if you take his name in vain you will fall. Then Seth Rollins came out for a retort.

Rollins said he had to clarify one thing so everyone’s on the same page. Bray cost him his match against Samoa Joe because he called Bray a couple of names. He said it was easy to get under Bray’s skin and when he said he wasn’t a god that wasn’t blaspheme, it’s the truth.

Seth said when you call someone out it forces them to come out in the light but that’s not Bray’s game because he likes to work in the darkness. But since they’re spitting truth than that makes Wyatt a coward.

Seth said if Bray doesn’t agree with him then he’s out there by himself and he dared him to prove him wrong.

Bray said Seth’s pride will betray him. He said Rollins oozed arrogance all over the place. When Rollins looks in the mirror he sees the man but when Bray looks at him all he sees is a man who’s beneath him.

Bray said Seth’s power was more than he could possibly fathom and then they arena went dark and when the lights came back on, Seth was in the ring alone looking for Bray. The lights went back out and then Bray appeared on the screen.

Bray said Seth might have slayed a king, but a god will live forever. Bray started laughing and told Rollins to run.

Backstage Segment

The Hardy Boyz were interviewed about their match against Sheamus and Cesaro tonight. Matt said they’re in for a long night and Jeff said it only takes one fall to get their tooth knocked out.

Matt said when they see a task they climb it and Jeff said then they jump off of it. Matt and Jeff did a whole deal where they finished each other’s sentences. Matt said Sheamus and Cesaro are the bar and Jeff said they’re about to break that bar.

Then they walked off on their way to get those Raw Tag Team Titles back.

Kalisto vs Apollo Crews

Kalisto was still taking on The Titus Brand. Yup. These segments are fun.

Titus set Akira Tozawa in the front row to check out The Titus Brand close up.

The bell rang and Kalisto and Apollo Crews took it to each other fast. Crews hit a snap suplex and applied a front face lock to keep the high flyer down.

Kalisto tried to fight out of it, but Apollo threw him to the ground. Apollo took some time to smile but it didn’t pay off. Kalisto took Crews out with a springboard hurricanrana and a two count.

Kalisto got some “Lucha” chants going as Crews rolled him up for a two count. Kalisto tried to flip into Apollo, but Crews caught him. Apollo Crews hit his sit-down powerbomb 1-2-3 and The Titus Brand was victorious.

Titus and Apollo drug Tozawa into the ring to celebrate with him and Akira looked like he didn’t get what was going on. Titus pulled out his camera and snapped a selfie of the three of them and that was it.

Backstage Segment

Heath Slater and Rhyno were enjoying some cheese whiz and crackers when The Miz walked up to them. He said they weren’t relevant anymore but he was offering Slater and The Man Beast a spot in his entourage.

Heath said before he had kids he was a kid and when he was a kid he wanted to be IC Champion. That was interesting.

Miz said “join me and I’ll make sure you get a shot at the IC Championship… someday.” Rhyno said Heath already has a tag team partner but Miz better find one because they’re going to have a match tonight.

Then Rhyno ate all the crackers he had left on the plate. It was a rather messy choice on his part.

Alexa Bliss Segment

The Five Feet Of Fury is always gold unless she’s doing a “This Is Your Life” segment. Bliss got on the microphone and addressed the crowd in her usual cocky tone. She said she defeated Bayley at Extreme Rules but instead of having a celebration she was forced to defend her title against Nia Jax.

She said not to worry because tonight she has no obligation of defending her title. She plugged the Women’s MITB match for the SmackDown Brand for some reason. Then Nia Jax came down to give Alexa a big problem.

Jax said Alexa told her she deserved her title opportunity. Jax stood toe to toe with Bliss and eclipsed her in size.

Bliss changed her story and said she was thrilled to have a championship match with Jax. She said she wanted to have a classic match against Nia but they didn’t get to have that. She said that moment was stolen by Mickie James and Dana Brooke.

Alexa said Mickie and Dana were the real problems here. Then they came out to defend themselves. Mickie called Alexa a little dwarf and pointed out that Bliss might be a two-time champion but Mickie is a six-time champion.

Mickie brought up the fact that Bliss said it was unfair Nia was getting a title shot. Dana said Bliss said “we have a Nia Jax problem.”

Bliss said to “calm down, there are a lot of accusations and they’re coming at me hot.” Bliss made a joke about Mickie being old saying she had cataracts and suddenly Emma’s music hit and the crowd went mild.

Emma told everyone to get out of the way and they can put the spotlight right where it belongs because Emma’s back. She said she’s ready to take her rightful place on the top of Raw’s Women’s Division.

Then Bliss tried to butter up Nia Jax and suddenly Sasha Banks’ music hit and there was a much bigger pop followed by “Sasha” chants.

Banks said Bliss wants the spotlight on her but to her being a champion means proving she’s the best day in and day out. But all Bliss wants to do is come out every week and yap her mouth. Sasha said she’s going to throw her how a boss throws a party and clocked Alexa Bliss in the face.

A brawl ensued after that between all the women in the ring.

Sasha Banks, Mickie James, and Dana Brooke vs Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax, and Emma

The heels kept Dana Brooke in the corner for a bit and Emma got the tag. She hit Brooke with a suplex for a two count. It’s so strange that Nia wants to squash Bliss so bad but the next week she’s put in a team with her because they still won’t turn her babyface. It’s also strange that all of a sudden Dana Brooke is a heel because she beat the piss out of Charlotte a few months ago and nothing really came of it.

Bayley was still nowhere to be seen. If she stays at home and licks her wounds for long she’s going to lose momentum. She might be dealing with an injury we don’t know about yet though, so who knows?

Emma started to get taken to school by Banks and went for the tag but Alexa Bliss jumped off the ring and just left.

Nia went for Mickie, but James dodged her and Jax went out to the floor. Mickie hit Jax with a knee dive off the top rope to the floor. Sasha Banks soon wrapped Emma up in the Banks Statement and the Australian tapped out relatively quickly.

Alexa Bliss just stood on the top of the ramp and smiled at the fact her team just lost. What a heel!

They played a promo for Finn Balor and hyped him pretty good. It’s nice to know he’s still on the Raw roster.

Corey Graves Interview With Bayley

Hey we want some Bayley interview! Graves asked Bayley what happened at Extreme Rules. Bayley said she’s not there to put bruises on people’s backs, she’s there to put smiles on people’s faces.

She said she knows she’s not going to defeat anyone with hugs, but she needs to be who she is. She says everything she gives to the fans is her. She’s not going to change herself and is going to be the best version of herself she can be. She’s going to be Bayley.

She said she still wants to be the best and nothing has changed that. She wants to recapture the Raw Women’s Championship. She doesn’t know when it will be, but then she said she wants to talk into WrestleMania this year as the Raw Women’s Champion again.

Then Bayley asked Graves if they could end the interview on a hug and then she gave Corey a very awkward hug. Corey Graves said he needed a cigarette and walked off.

Heath Slater and Rhyno vs The Miz and ?????

Miz came out with a very smug look on his face. He looked longingly into Maryse’s eyes but she turned before he could land a kiss. Michael Cole said Elias Samson turned Miz down as his tag team partner. So that eliminates the only person he could chose, right?

As Miz stood in the ring and waited for his tag team partner a guy in a bear costume rode out on a tricycle. Yup that happened.

The beat scratched his back on the ring post and got in the ring apron. Heath Slater rolled Miz up immediately for a two count.

Corey Graves said Miz’s partner is the 100 Acre Wood Bareknuckle Fighting Champion and a robber of picnic baskets. “We want Bear!” chants run out as Miz offered to shake Heath Slater’s hand in the ring.

The two started trading blows in the ring and Heath took Miz down with an arm bar. Rhyno got the tag and kept up the pain on Miz. Rhyno hit a shoulder smash in the corner on Miz as Health climbed the turnbuckle after a tag. He hit Miz with a shot off the top.

The Bear tagged himself in by hitting Miz’s shoulder. The Bear stood next to Slater and the Bear just looked at him. Slater went to take The Bear’s costume head off, but The Bear kept pawing Slater off of him.

Then The Bear got a bearhug on Heath. What else?

Rhyno came in to break up the submission hold. The Miz got the tag back and then he started beating he honey out of The Bear. He smashed his partner all around the ring and off the apron. Then he took the costume head off of The Bear’s head but it was just another indie worker under the hood.

Miz slid back into the ring and was taken down with a spin kick from Heath Slater. The Bear came back in the ring and Heath Slater helped him up. The Bear hit Slater with a Dirty Deeds… it looks like there was a bear swap somewhere. This leads us to wonder how long Dean Ambrose was under the ring wearing a bear costume?!

Miz turned around just in time to realize The Bear 2.0 was Ambrose. He turned to run but knocked into Maryse and she fell to the floor. Maryse walked away looking hurt and pissed. With Miz being distracted he turned around right into another Dirty Deeds from Dean Ambrose.

Ambrose placed Heath Slater over Miz and the referee counted to three. For some reason through all of that garbage the match was still going on.

After the match Dean Ambrose in a bear costume put the bear head on Miz and left him laying in the ring.

They played a highlight from WrestleMania and the Hardy Boyz winning the Raw Tag Team Titles. Hey, I’ve got a great idea! If you’d like to relive all the amazing build up to WrestleMania 33 and the event itself you can with my book!

The rest of the promo played up the rest of the Hardy/Shesaro feud so far.

Neville vs Rich Swann (Kinda)

Neville was looking to defend his Cruiserweight Title next at Great Balls Of Fire but he needed a challenger.

Rich Swann came dancing to the ring and Neville jumped him before his music was over. Neville beat Rich all around the ring and bounced him off a barricade. Things got out of hand and Neville peeled off his jacket.

Then Neville threw Rich Swann in the ring and applied the Rings Of Saturn to Swann as the ref tried to pull him off. So that’s two time the ring crew changed the ring to purple tonight on Raw for no reason. Neat!

Neville grabbed the mic and said: “Austin Aries, TJP, Richard Swann” then he said “get out of my ring” and he kicked Rich Swann out of the ring.

Neville said it’s good to be kind and asked how many people he had to obliterate before he gets the respect he deserves. He brought up Akira Tozawa and told him to tread carefully unless he wants to be forced to bend his knee and bow before the King Of The Cruiserweights.

Backstage Interview

Sheamus and Cesaro were interviewed about their two out of three falls match against The Hardy Boyz. Sheamus said they key to beating your opponents is knowing your opponents.

Cesaro brought up The Hardy Boyz’ autobiography from long ago and said they were reading up on them.

Then they said they are the bar and left.

Enzo and Big Cass vs The Club

Before the match stated they played highlights from last week as Enzo got Big Show to fill in for Big Cass and helped them get the win over Gallows and Anderson.

When Enzo and Big Cass’ music hit they got a huge pop. They’re still super over but nobody came out. Suddenly the camera cut to backstage where Big Cass was laid out once again. A couple ref surrounded Cass and Enzo ran to his side.

Big Cass said “one shot tot he back of the head and I was out — hardest I’ve ever been hit before in my life.” They tried to get Cass to not come out to the ring but he waved them off.

The Club got the mic and called Cass a nerd for getting knocked out again. Anderson said if Cass didn’t want to fight them all he had to do was tell them — he didn’t have to beat himself up over it. Then they too sweeted each other.

Enzo and Bg Cass’ music hit again and they came out. Enzo and officials surrounded Big Cass trying to convince him not to go to the ring.

Cass and Anderson started off the match but as soon as the bell sounded Cass took the pain to Karl. Cass looked like he was dazed, but he wasn’t too hurt to launch Anderson across the ring and bounce him off the turnbuckle. He hit a side slam and an Empire Elbow.

Cass made it to his partner Enzo for the tag and Amore started taking some strikes to Anderson. Enzo dropkicked Luke Gallows off the apron and Karl Anderson blindsided him with a kick.

Big Cass was out on the side of the ring so Enzo didn’t have anyone to tag. Enzo fought as hard as he could against Gallows. He jumped onto Luke but was caught and slammed.

Karl Anderson got the tag and they hit The Magic Killer for the win on Enzo.

After the match was over The Club set Enzo up for another Magic Killer when The Big Show’s music hit and he came to the ring to save his new little buddy. As Show got in the ring, Anderson and Gallows took off.

Big Show approached Enzo Amore and got him up. Enzo hugged Big Show as he raised Enzo’s hand. Big Cass climbed to the apron and stood there to watch all of that happen with a sour look on his face and you can’t teach that.

R-Truth Segment

Truth came on the screen and kept cutting a promo on Goldust. They’re really hyping this feud without having these two work at all. He quoted some movie lines from Pulp Fiction, etc. and said Goldust was gonna get hot.

Backstage Segment

Enzo ran up to Big Show and asked him if he took Big Cass out. Enzo said two weeks in a row Cass got knocked out and Show saved him. It was a coincidence and Enzo just needed the peace of mind. Big Show got kind of irritated at Enzo’s accusations and said he was asking for Big Cass. Then Show said he had one word to describe Big Cass and he spelled out SAWFT.

Samoa Joe was interviewed about the events earlier in the night and he says nothing changed how he feels about Great Balls Of Fire. He said his reaction is to send a message back with the messenger with the same wounds he intends to inflict on his master. Joe said he let Brock know what kind of person he was set to do battle with. He promised to strap a Coquina Clutch on Brock Lesnar and put him to sleep. Then he will become the new Universal Champion.

Cesaro and Sheamus vs The Hardy Boyz (2 Out Of 3 Falls Match For Raw Tag Team Titles)

The Hardy Boyz were excited to be there and the microphone on the camera totally picked up Matt saying “delete” as he did the hand motion during their entrance. The crowd loved the Hardy Boyz and were obviously behind them.

Their 2 out of 3 falls match for the Raw Tag Team Titles wasn’t going to be an easy one though and they didn’t have much time to do it either seeing that it was a quarter till eleven when they made their entrance.

If they only had fifteen minutes to finish this battle then they would only have around five minutes a fall. That’s only like three kendo stick on a pole matches. Not a lot of time at all.

To be a team that was just thrown together by Mick Foley Sheamus and Cesaro have become a very good tag team with a well choreographed entrance.

The bell rang and Matt immediately had to duck under a Brogue Kick from Sheamus. They obviously know they don’t have much time either because it was five till eleven when the bell rang.

The Matt launched Cesaro out of the ring and Cesaro ripped Matt off the apron. They battled on the outside as Sheamus and Jeff Hardy mixed it up on the inside.

Sheamus hit Jeff with a Brogue Kick on Jeff as he was on the top rope and scored a very quick pin fall. Cesaro screamed to the crowd on the outside and seemed very pumped to be winning this match. That first fall took around two minutes.

Instead of going right back to the match after the commercial break they played a Pizza Hut commercial with Noam Dar and The Club. That wasn’t a waste of time at all because WWE got some advertising money during their main event so yay for Vince McMahon’s pockets!

Sheamus was still on top of Jeff and kept him down in pretty rough fashion. He stomped on Brother Nero and tried to wrap him up in a cloverleaf submission, but Jeff hammered on his forehead with a fist and sent Sheamus out of the ring.

Sheamus got back in the ring before Jeff could get to Matt but The Broken One eventually got the tag as the Cajundome broke out in huge “delete” chants. Matt yelled “delete” and hit Cesaro with a clothesline in the corner. He tried for a bulldog but it was blocked however he was able to land a tornado DDT for a two count. Matt rolled out of the ring and took Sheamus out.

Then Matt rolled back in and hit Cesaro with a Twist Of Fate. 1-2-3 and this match is tied at a fall apiece. The next pin fall means victory.

Matt went for another Twist Of Fate but Cesaro threw him into the turnbuckle. Matt jumped off the middle turnbuckle to Cesaro but he was met with a stiff forearm uppercut. Sheamus got the tag and hit Matt with a couple stiff shots including a knee that landed right on his chin that looked like it really hurt.

1-2- kick out! Matt Hardy probably didn’t want to kick out there because Sheamus was working stiff AF. Cesaro got the tag from The Celtic Warrior and covered Matt but Jeff broke up the pin.

Cesaro got Matt in line for a Neutralizer, but Matt countered. Cesaro countered Matt’s counter and slapped in a sharpshooter. As Matt crawled to the roped, Cesaro dragged him back to the middle of the ring. Matt rolled him up for a pin 1-2- kick out.

Jeff and Sheamus got the tag and Hardy started rallying on Sheamus. He hit Sheamus with a few of his signature clotheslines and moves and made the cover for a two count.

Matt got taken out by being thrown into the barricade leaving Jeff and Sheamus alone in the ring. Jeff stunned Sheamus but the Celtic Warrior went running to hit him. Jeff moved out of the way and Sheamus took a ring post to the shoulder.

Jeff his a Swanton Bomb and made the cover 1-2-and Cesaro dragged his partner outside of the ring. A fight soon opened up outside the ring. Matt got thrown into the barricade on the outside and Sheamus kept beating Jeff down. The referee kept counting and eventually got to ten. He rang the bell and the match was called off.

But the boys kept fighting until Jeff hit a dive off the top turnbuckle on his foes and the brawl ended with The Hardy Boyz standing tall in the middle of the ring. But Sheamus and Cesaro were still Raw Tag Team Champions.