kenny omega

These are certainly interesting times we’re living in, as WWE recently aired Impact Wrestling footage on the WWE Network, and also allowed Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson to openly discuss AJ Styles’ run with TNA on Something Else to Wrestle With.

WWE used to pretend that wrestlers who weren’t on their roster didn’t exist, but apparently that’s not the case anymore as the company recently hyped up a Street Fighter V match at E3 which saw The New Day face off against Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks.

Kenny Omega is the new IWGP Heavyweight Champion, and The Young Bucks are the biggest tag team outside of WWE, and arguably more popular than any of the tag teams currently on the WWE roster.

Now WWE is promoting Kenny Omega’s WWE debut, as they recently uploaded a Kenny Omega vs. Cru Jones match to the Hidden Gems section on the WWE Network.

The synopsis for the match reads as follows:

“Before making a name for himself internationally, Kenny Omega shows his skills against Cru Jones in this match from Deep South Wrestling. (9/3/06)”

WWE also went out of their way to promote the match on YouTube.

Either WWE officials are very interested in signing Kenny Omega, or they just like to get people talking by acknowledging him, but one way or another he’s definitely on WWE’s radar.