The Royal Rumble pay-per-view aired live on the WWE Network on Sunday night, and now we are officially on the road to WrestleMania 37.

Edge managed to win the 30 man Royal Rumble match, and now the Hall of Famer is set to go on to WrestleMania to challenge for a major championship.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, although it hasn’t been officially announced yet Edge will be challenging Roman Reigns for the Universal Title.

The storyline for Edge’s Royal Rumble win is that he was a champion when he retired, so he’s coming back to regain the title.

It’s being reported that as of this writing WWE officials have not decided on a plan regarding who will win the match.

It’s also being reported that there was a noticeable different between Edge and Daniel Bryan on the WWE creative team heading into the Royal Rumble. Bryan was reportedly pushing to get over people over while Edge was pushing for a main event title shot.