kenny omega

Kenny Omega said on the Wrestling Observer Radio program that he will not be at the Royal Rumble, and he intends to go back to Japan in order to negotiate a new contract with NJPW in February. He then went on to say that it is a career goal of his to have a match with AJ styles at WrestleMania.

If I were Triple H, I would get on the phone with Kenny Omega and offer him a short-term contract that expires the day after WrestleMania and make that match happen. After all, AJ Styles is currently slated to go against Shane McMahon in Orlando. I’m not taking anything away from Shane’s athletic ability, or even how good his matches are, but I am trying to point out the obvious conclusion that Omega vs. Styles would be a much better WrestleMania match.

Things are sure to clear up as we move past the Royal Rumble and all of the dust from that event settles. Next, we are off into a brand-new territory on the road to WrestleMania. Dave Meltzer recently noted that plans change every couple of hours at this point, so who knows what path they will eventually go with.

One thing to remember is that professional wrestling is fun. It is entertainment, and whether people love it or hate what happens – comedy and tragedy are the fundamental elements of classic entertainment.

Professional wrestling is like a live action stunt show performed within a theater in the round environment with long-running storylines and complex character dynamics. They are essentially actors, but there is still a real business involved behind the scenes.

For instance, if Kurt Angle agreed to come back to wrestle tonight it could very well cause WWE to restrict Angle from performing at upcoming events where he is scheduled to take on Alberto El Patron and Cody Rhodes respectively, if they’ve been made to broadcast. There are some who believe that this is the reason he was pulled from the 5 Star Wrestling Spike UK show on Saturday night.

WWE is doing all they can to bring the world’s focus on to their product. They are practically invading the United Kingdom wrestling scene at the moment, and there are plans to do the same in Asia and Latin America.

One could argue that bringing Kenny Omega into the WWE Universe would certainly draw a ridiculous amount of attention toward WWE in markets that they will soon want to explore. WWE could then let Kenny go back to Japan until he is ready to come back.

Kenny wouldn’t sever ties with WWE completely because he’s a smart 33-year-old that knows his business along with his value, and he could come back for a full WWE run once he feels that he’s accomplished what he needs to in New Japan.

These ideas are completely meant to be read as this writer spitballing, by the way. I don’t personally expect Omega tonight because he said that he wasn’t going to be there. He did, however, do all he could to put over the guys who would be in the match as well as the match itself.

As previously stated, only time will tell what WWE ends up doing, or who they end up debuting, as well as restricting. But, always remember to be entertained along the way on your own road to WrestleMania.