It was time for Raw and the WWE Universe was excited to see what would happen in Memphis. John Cena and Roman Reigns were set to have a contract signing for their match at No Mercy and Alexa Bliss was looking for her Raw Women’s Championship back. There were sure to be other surprises because anything can happen in the Birthplace of Rock ‘n Roll.

Opening Segment

Booker T couldn’t be there for commentary because of Hurricane Harvey but Jerry “The King” Lawler was more than happy to fill in. It just happened to work out that way with Raw being in Memphis.

Raw kicked off with Miz and Miztourage in the ring already. Miz was about to cut one of his awesome promos because that’s what he does when Raw General Manager Kurt Angle cut him off in the middle of saying “respect” which ironically was the first word he uttered.

Kurt Angle said he knew what Miz was going to saw. Angle said there was no IC Title match at SummerSlam, but there would be one at No Mercy. The Miz took control of the segment back. He gave the definition of respect from the Webster’s Dictionary and said Angle doesn’t understand what respect means.

Miz felt disrespected by Raw General Manager Kurt Angle and said Kurt wouldn’t do that to Brock Lesnar so he shouldn’t do it to them.

Then Kurt Angle booked an over the top battle royal to determine a #1 contender for Miz’s IC Title. The winner was going to face Miz next week.

Miztourage are in the match along with a freshly shaven Big Show. The Hardy Boyz came down too, so did Finn Balor and nine other people.

IC Title #1 Contender Battle Royal

As Raw came back from commercial, Jason Jordan was just coming out. That’s not surprising. Everyone picked up Curt Hawkins and launched him over the top rope then everyone looked at Big Show.

Show motioned for everyone to come get some and they did but were soon pushed across the ring. Then people started getting eliminated. Kalisto was thrown out and Big Show got a chance to slap the hell out of Elias’ chest in the corner. Gallows hit Big Show with a boot and Karl Anderson joined to help. Finn Balor eventually jumped in and helped them eliminate Big Show and Balor shared a very cool moment with Luke Gallows.

R-Truth was eliminated by Miztourage as The Club tried to unsuccessfully toss Matt Hardy over the top rope. Goldust was tossed out thanks to some tandem offense from The Club. Then they went to commercial.

While we were gone Apollo Crews was eliminated by Elias. The Hardy Boyz took it to The Club one-by-one and Matt eliminated Gallows and then pulled Anderson to the apron. The two brawled on the apron for a bit until Matt moved out of the way of a charge and he ate the ring post. After Karl hit the floor, Gallows walked up and pulled Matt off the apron. Then The Club beat Matt Hardy down on the floor.

Miz jumped up to hit Balor and Jeff Hardy to save Bo Dallas. Finn Balor started to rally and took it to everyone he could. Finally Balor and Jeff Hardy met face to face and Jeff turned the tables on Finn for a bit but Balor countered a Twist Of Fate into a sling blade.

Suddenly Bray Wyatt appeared and tossed Finn Balor out of the ring. So that rivalry isn’t over yet… neat!

Now it was JJ’s turn to show what he could do. Jordan suplexed a couple people until Miztourage tried to toss him out but he eliminated both of them. Elias was thrown out in an instant and suddenly so was Jason Jordan leaving Jeff Hardy alone in the ring.

It looks like Jeff Hardy has a big match for a singles title next week and Miz didn’t look happy about it.

Backstage Segment

Alexa Bliss was backstage and she said her strategy is to win in her match tonight. Good plan! Bliss questioned how great Banks is as champion and pointed out how Sasha has never successfully defended the Raw Women’s Championship. Then she called Sasha a legit loser once again.

Enzo Amore Is Still On Raw

Enzo Amore’s music hit and people were like, “Hey! it’s Enzo!”

People parroted his little speech and gave him some “how you doin’?” chants. Enzo said Big Cass got what he deserved for picking on him. They replayed the footage of Big Cass tearing his ACL and it was very sad and painful to watch in slow motion.

Enzo then said he’s on 205 Live as we realize why the lights in the crowd is purple. Then he mentioned how he watch Mayweather beat McGregor and make money. Enzo then danced while he introduced his opponent, Noam Dar, even though he mispronounced it (he said “Gnome” Dar). Then Enzo spelled out SAWFT and the crowd helped him.

Dar looked very confused at what was going on.

Enzo Amore vs Noam Dar

Enzo danced around the ring for a bit then Dar wrestled him to the ground and played with his hair. Enzo grabbed the ropes to bear an arm hold and the two locked up in the middle of the ring. But Noam Dar the upper hand again as he should because he’s the better wrestler.

Dar kicked Enzo out of the air and really milked the crowd as Neville watched backstage. Dar wrapped Enzo up in a submission hold and pulled on his hair and face. “Noam could scalp Enzo and it’d be an upgrade,” Corey Graves said.

Enzo started laying in some punches in the corner and the ref pulled him off. Then Dar turned it around on Amore for a bit until Enzo countered with a quick move and picked up his first singles win as a member of the WWE Cruiserweight roster.

Then Enzo danced his way back up the ramp.

Neville was interviewed backstage and called Enzo a weasel and if Amore’s his only competition then he’ll be the Cruiserweight champion forever and ever and ever and ever and ever.

Brock Lesnar Segment

The Beast Incarnate came to the ring with his Advocate and he didn’t look happy. After all, Braun Strowman kind of made him look like a bit of a ragdoll last week. But that’s what Braun Strowman does.

Heyman introduced himself and then got down to business. He said they weren’t in Memphis to sing the Blues about Braun Strowman, instead, they’re here to sing the praises. Heyman put over Braun for all the physical abuse he’s been able to put Brock Lesnar through since SummerSlam.

Heyman said he doesn’t believe in monsters but he believes Braun Strowman is one.

Suddenly Brock Lesnar grabbed the mic from Paul Heyman in the middle of the promo and said, “what he’s trying to say is: Suplex City, bitch” — mic drop.

Seth Rollins vs Cesaro

2/3 of The Shield came down together as Raw Tag Team Champions.

While Jerry Lawler made fun of Sheamus’ hair, Rollins tossed Cesaro out of the ring from a monkey flip. Once he got back in Cesaro kept taking abuse from Rollins. Seth hit a running knee and a moonsault for a two count.

Cesaro turned it around after dumping Seth off the top rope and then tossing him outside. Sheamus looked like he was going to mess with Seth but Dean Ambrose was close enough to stop that. Cesaro went for a double axhandle off the apron but Seth countered it and then 2/3 of The Shiels backed Sheamus up.

Cesaro soon hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and turned things around for himself a little bit. Seth tried to counter out but Cesaro hit him with a press slam and a leg drop followed by some gut wrench suplexes. The Swiss Cyborg doesn’t mess around.

Corey Graves said Sheamus and Cesaro can get their rematch for the Raw Tag Team Championships at “any moment” like they have a tag team Money In The Bank briefcase. Anyway, Cesaro hit a cross body off the top rope but Seth rolled it around for a two count. Then Seth hit an enzuigiri and started mounting an offense.

Rollins hit a sling blade and a couple corner splashes before being placed on the top rope so he could hit a blockbuster. Cesaro landed an uppercut while Seth was on the top rope and climbed up to join him.

Seth turned it around and hit a bucklebomb across the room. Sheamus and Ambrose got into it on the outside and it distracted Rollins long enough to take an uppercut and get rolled up to lose the match.

The Bar won that one in Memphis.

After the match, Sheamus grabbed the microphone and said the night isn’t over yet because he wants a piece of Dean Ambrose next.

Sheamus vs Dean Ambrose

This match started immediately following the last match. Dean lit up Sheamus from the get-go but The Celtic Warrior soon used some brute strength to fend him off. Dean hit a clothesline that sent both guys over the top rope and they brawled on the outside.

Sheamus stopped Dean on the top turnbuckle and climbed up to help him down but Dean blocked the superplex and sent Sheamus down with a headbutt. Ambrose hit his signature elbow drop but he was caught and planted with an Irish Curse backbreaker for a two count.

Sheamus got Dean in a stretch muffler submission hold but Ambrose climbed up Sheamus and was planted with a powerbomb for a two count. Sheamus then locked on a cloverleaf and that move looks like it hurts so much but Dean made it to the ropes to break the hold.

Sheamus did his deal where he teased 10 Beat Of The Bodhran but stopped because he’s a heel and the fans like counting. Dean his a DDT for a two count. Dean tried to put Sheamus away a couple of times but couldn’t pull it off.

Sheamus hit Ambrose in the kidneys with a forearm and sidestepped letting Dean get caught in the ropes. Sheamus tried to hit Dean from behind but Ambrose muscled him off and climbed to the top rope. Sheamus climbed up on top again and hit a rolling senton from the second rope for another two count.

“Let’s go Ambrose” chants broke out as Dean made it to his feet and Sheamus geared up for a Brogue Kick. They teased a Brogue Kick and a Dirty Deeds for a reversal but a clothesline from Dean reset this sequence. Cesaro climbed to the apron and Rollins pulled him off.

Sheamus got Ambrose up for the White Noise but Seth hit him with a springboard dropkick and then turned to Cesaro for a suicide dive. Dean Ambrose hit the Dirty Deeds on Sheamus for the win.

50/50 booking is fun!

Backstage Segment

Emma was backstage because why not? She was talking to Mickie James about how she’s going to get Twitter trends going. Mickie asked her if she was serious and said Nia Jax destroyed her last week.

Mickie James pointed out the only trend Emma got started last week was #GiveEmmaCPR and Emma said she’ll get #ThankEmmaForTheRevolution started. James said if Emma wins she’ll tweet whatever she wants but if Emma loses she won’t be allowed to say she started the women’s revolution ever again. Let’s hope that second thing happens.

Emma vs Mickie James

Emma likes to claim she started the WWE Women’s Revolution but popping imaginary bubbles with her hands, so that’s fun.

The two wrestled around for a bit and traded some near falls until Emma beat Mickie James with a roll up pin. Oh goodie, Emma is going to get Mickie to tweet anything she wants.

Emma grabbed the mic and just repeated “I started the Women’s Revolution” over and over again until she exited up the ramp.

Cena vs Reigns Contract Signing/Is This A Shoot From Cena?

Raw General Manager Kurt Angle was in the ring and it was all done up with a table someone might be going through and a carpet over than canvas.

John came down first and said this match against Reigns is WrestleMania worthy and he’s probably got a good point there. He said a match against Roman is the reason why he jumped over to Raw.

Cena called Reigns “the blue chip prospect that has been protected by anyone and everyone in his path.” This crowd didn’t seem to be understanding what was going on. But John still signed his contract after a little more amazing smack talk.

Roman Reigns entered to a lot of cheers and that’s not surprising. There were also some boos and that’s not surprising either. You know what? Nothing surprises me anymore after Brock Lesnar beat Undertaker at WrestleMania XXX effectively ending The Streak and killing my childhood.

Roman entered the ring and just stood there while Cena paced the ring. Then Reigns started to speak and recanted John’s words where he said Roman didn’t want to fight him. Then Reigns told John Cena he isn’s as big of a deal as he thinks he is and people cheered.

Then Roman brought up retiring The Undertaker at WrestleMania to draw intentional heat. Roman said he didn’t need to fight Cena. Then John bowed to him but egged him on even more with his excellent mic skills.

John said some people wanted him to do “maybe a little heel turn” and people cheered. He called Roman a “cheap ass corporately created John Cena bootleg” and the people finally broke out in appropriate “yes” chants. Roman’s not The Guy, he’s just A guy trying to desperately fill shoes he never will. Cena said he’s not Undertaker “a battered veteran at the end of his career with a bad hip.”

Cena said he’s in the prime of his career and then did the “you can’t see me” taunt after motioning how his Roman Empire will soon evaporate.

Roman said it blows his mind how Cena does what he does on the mic. He said people boo Cena because he sucks and people cheered while Cena patted Kurt Angle on the shoulder and said: “so does he but he won a gold medal.”

Roman just stood there for a bit and Cena said Reigns better learn how to do promos if he wants to be the Big Dog “see ya fourth wall!” Then The Big Dog continued. He called John a phony and in the end Cena’s just a “fake b-tch.” Then he said he’s a “part-timing punk ass b-tch” and then he started getting lit about busting his ass while Cena does the Today Show.

Roman said Cena will only do a live show if they’ll pay him enough but when he gets off the bus he’ll have a shovel to bury talent. “The reason you don’t like me… you can’t bury me John. I’m the one guy in WWE that John Cena can’t see.” Wow. This is just about something incredible right here.

Roman then said why would he want to be the next John Cena when he can be the one and only Roman Reigns. Cena then asked him if he was done.

“Cause Roman Reigns is a fool” Cena replied. Then he began to shut him down on the microphone in a way on he could. Cena painted a vivid picture with his words and stood back from his own masterpiece while he said congratulations “it took you five years to cut a half-way decent promo but I’m about to shrink you down to size.”

Cena said everyone back there thinks I have a mythical shovel and then pointed at the crowd and said they have the keys “they always have, they always will.” Cena said he hasn’t main evented WrestleMania in five years and opened SummerSlam. He was honored to use the US Title to open it up to new talent like Kevin Owens and AJ Styles while Roman looked at the US Title as a demotion.

John Cena said he’s still here because Roman can’t do his job. Cena said he heard so much about Roman Reigns but when he finally saw him he was disappointed “because you should be glad I’m just a part timer because I can do this better part time than you could ever do it full time.” Mic drop from Cena and then he dared him to sign the contract.

Cena was very happy and then Roman turned over the table. Suddenly The Club’s music hit and Anderson and Gallows came out to talk about the egos in the ring. These guys were in the opening IC Title #1 contender battle royal and they’re back out here because why not?

Anderson said Roman and Cena weren’t good brothers and they need to be taught a lesson by a couple Good Brothers. So they’re going to go to the ring and beat up a couple… nerds. Then Kurt Angle booked a tag match out of nowhere.

The Club vs John Cena and Roman Reigns

Yup, we asked for this match on Raw. Just when it seemed like Roman Reigns and John Cena couldn’t get any more heated or personal now they have to tag together. Neat!

The Club beat down on Cena for a bit but he soon got out of it and hit a 5 Knuckle Shuffle while Roman looked bored on the outside. Cena looked back at Reigns and paid for it. Anderson gouged Cena’s eyes while Gallows distracted the referee. Then Luke continued the assault.

John couldn’t get to the tag and kept taking abuse. Roman shook his head and was all like, “why don’t you just come over here and tag me?” He wasn’t trying to reach for the tag unless he knew Cena was too far away to get to him.

Anderson hit his wicked spinebuster for a two count. Then Karl tagged in Luke and held John while Gallows could kick Cena’s head off. Cena soon created some separation and got the tag off to Roman Reigns.

The Big Dog took it to both Club members and isolated Karl Anderson in the ring. He geared himself up, cocked his fist and was distracted by Gallows. Roll up from Karl for a two count. Then Roman hit Superman Punches on both Club members, Cena ran in and scooped Gallows up and held him up until Roman speared Anderson. Both Club members hit the mat very hard at the same time.

Roman Reigns got the pin for the clean win.

Afer the match John and Roman looked at each other for a bit and Cena gave him golf claps.

Backstage Segment

Elias was backstage and apparently, he’s on his way to debut a new song. He also took part in the battle royal at the beginning of the show.

Elias Plays Memphis

Get ready to walk with Elias. People seem to be getting what Elias’ intentions are. He said he doesn’t have anyone to blame for losing the battle royal except for the fans.

Elias said Dusty Rhodes used to call him the Elvis Of WWE and then he played a nice little song. He did a Hound Dog parody where he bashed Memphis until Jerry Lawler’s voice interrupted him.

Jerry said Elias’ voice isn’t that bad but he has trouble relating to his audience and he got a cheap pop for dropping Memphis’ name. Then he brought out Southpaw Regional Wrestling’s Pelvis Wesley which is Heath Slater in an Elvis gimmick. What is going on?

Heath Slater, I mean Pelvis danced around until The Drifter, I mean Elias kicked him in the stomach and beat him down. He hit the Drift Away and left Wesley laying on the mat.

Backstage Segment

Renee Young interviewed Miz about facing Jeff Hardy next week. Miz said it only takes one match to get an IC Title Mach? Maryse said she didn’t see him pin anybody and they kept walking.

Sasha Banks was interviewed about Bliss and she said Alexa can bring all the drama, talk all the trash, and throw all the Bliss Fits she wants to but Bliss is still going to tap out.

Sasha Banks vs Alexa Bliss (Raw Women’s Championship Match)

Did anyone else notice the ref had the belt upside down and then fixed it after they went to the wide shot?

Bliss tried to put Banks away early with a couple roll up pins, but after Sasha went for the Bank Statement Alexa changed strategies. Banks started working on Bliss’ left arm with some torquing, strikes, and submission holds.

Sasha hit a dropkick and Bliss rolled outside. She was selling her injured arm pretty well and returned to the ring just to get beat down some more. After getting shot off the ropes, Bliss rolled to the outside. Bliss hit the double knees off the apron and talked some trash while Little Miss Bliss sold the move.

Once they got inside the ring Bliss turned things around by driving Sasha into the barricade and apron after ducking a baseball side. Sasha tried to gain an advantage but just got slammed back down to the mat. Bliss covered for a two count and didn’t look happy about not winning.

Bliss stood on Banks and stomped on Banks’ head. After another two count, Bliss choked Sasha with the ropes and tossed her to the corner for some clubbing blows. Bliss latched a submission stretch on Sasha until Banks kicked her in the face. But that seemed to only make the Five Feet Of Fury angrier.

Banks turned it around with a couple clotheslines and hit a dropkick while still selling her shoulder. Banks went for the double knees in the corner but Bliss moved sending Sasha crashing to the corner.

The two ended up on the top rope and Bliss missed a cross body. They traded near falls via roll-up pins for a bit until Bliss just knocked Sasha in the face and started taking the pain to Sasha. Banks countered out and hit a shining wizard for another two count.

Sasha drove Bliss into the corner and Alexa fought back but Sasha kicked her back down and hit the double knees. Sasha climbed up but Bliss crotched her on the top turnbuckle. Bliss climbed up to join Banks and hit a top rope superplex.

Alexa climbed over to Sasha to pin her but got locked in a Banks Statement. Banks had to break the hold when Bliss turned it into a pin. Then she hit the DDT for the win.

Alexa Bliss is the new Raw Women’s Champion because Sasha Banks can’t keep a title and Bliss looks so damn good with that belt.

After the match, Nia Jax came down clapping for Alexa and climbed in the ring. She raised Bliss’ hand and then splashed Banks in the corner to further crush her. Nia put Bliss on her shoulder to celebrate when Jax dropped her backward.

“Yes” chants broke out as Nia Jax grabbed the Raw Women’s Championship and held it up high before leaving. So it looks like Nia Jax is going to move in after Sasha’s short title reign.