If you’ve ever been watching a WWE show on television and you thought to yourself, “this crowd is brutal,” you’re not alone. WWE’s official YouTube channel recently published a video that ranked the top ten most hostile crowds.

These crowds were out for blood at the expense of the WWE superstar’s sweat and tears. Fans in attendance at these events had no sympathy for the people they viewed as the heels of the show.

Some of the events listed in this video might be famous, but others might not be all that well-known. It is awesome to see WWE crowds as passionate as superstars deserve them to be. After all, a wrestling show is incomplete without an audience. No matter how unremorseful they might be.

It takes all kind to make up a great live crowd at a WWE show. Some fans are extremely hot before the bell even rings. This is an awesome video, to say the least, and a great trip down memory lane. It’s also quite amusing to see how many times Daniel Bryan popped up on this list because fans were upset he wasn’t being pushed as high as he deserved.

NXT has seen a lot of high-profile names in the past couple of years. WWE essentially raided the indies and took the best names they had to offer. They’ve been cultivating these individuals to not only make the WWE superstars of tomorrow but put on some of the best matches in general out of any wrestling promotion on the planet.

WWE.com has an article up now that lists the top ten NXT signings during the “TakeOver Era” of the promotion. These people might have shocked the world upon their NXT debuts. But some of that shock was because many felt they were ready for the WWE main roster even before they spent any time in NXT at all.

Some of these people are still in NXT, but at this point, a few of them have already made their WWE main roster jump to start making waves on Raw or SmackDown. You can check out the list WWE put out by clicking somewhere in this general area. Do you think they missed anyone or should have they rearranged some of the names on the list?

Do you think they missed anyone or should have rearranged some of the names on the list?