sasha banks

Sasha Banks has a lot of fans but for some reason WWE just won’t let The Boss establish herself very well. In a rather interesting turn of events, winning the Raw Women’s Championship at SummerSlam made Sasha Banks look even weaker when she turned around and lost it a week later.

Whether WWE is softening up the babyface women on Raw because they’re preparing for some hero to swoop in and take out a heel champion is still left to be seen. If they went that way, then Asuka would be a great addition to the red brand but that’s pure speculation.

What is certain is after the match between Banks and Bliss was over Sasha stood there, got crushed by Nia Jax and powered out of the ring to give the stage to Nia as she turned on Alexa.

“I can’t believe when they pushed that story line that Sasha Banks lost,” Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio. “It’s not even like if Nia Jax had interfered and she lost it’s like there would be sympathy. It’s like there’s no heat — Alexa Bliss beat her with a DDT clean in the in the middle.”

“I mean I was like, when she hit that DDT i was like ‘she’s gotta get her foot on the ropes.’ When she got pinned it was just like — you did this whole storyline burying her saying she can’t defend her title and then she doesn’t defend her title — she doesn’t even have an excuse as to why she didn’t defend her title.”

“It’s like if they want to make sure Sasha Banks does get over I mean that’s — if I’m there and you say, ‘how are we gonna kill our babyfaces?’ Like Bayley or how they did with Sasha Banks — I’d do exactly like they booked! I mean exactly. I couldn’t come up with a better scenario to kill Bayley than beat her clean in San Jose and keep beating her. Sasha Banks, have her win the title and beat her right away.”

If they’re trying to make the babyface women on Raw look awful then they’re doing a bang-up job. But with Nia Jax seemingly inserting herself into a position to finally challenge Alexa Bliss who knows what might be in the plans.

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