the undertaker

The Undertaker has captured the hearts and souls during his historically long career. Even before he dawned the Old West Undertaker gimmick, he was Mean Mark a force to be reckoned with (although horribly misused). He had an incredible streak of WrestleMania wins that stood the test of time until Brock Lesnar German suplexed and F5’d our childhoods, then left Taker a heap of flesh in New Orleans. People were so shellshocked by the Deadman’s defeat that it was even hard to enjoy Daniel Bryan’s title win later that night.

Roman Reigns said he’s going to outright cancel The Undertaker’s career this year at WrestleMania. That was indeed quite a bold statement. But just the fact he said the word “retire” really made us think WWE wasn’t planning on this being Taker’s last ride. Then again just the fact the writers obviously had Roman say that very well might be tendering our hearts so when Taker’s retirement happens, we’ll be better prepared for it.

WWE is doing something else on their website which might be gauging fan readiness for The Undertaker’s final match. They have a new survey up with four options asking fans if they think Roman Reigns is going to end Taker’s career at WrestleMania.

  • Yes, The Big dog will end The Phenom’s career
  • No, Reigns may win the match, but it won’t be the end of The Deadman’s career
  • No, Not only will Reigns not end The Undertaker’s career, he won’t win the match

The third option is currently winning with over 50% of the vote. It looks like if there are indeed plans for Taker to take his final bow, the WWE Universe won’t be ready for it.