roman reigns

Roman Reigns has been one of WWE’s top stars for years now, and in recent years Reigns has been receiving a lot of praise for the work he’s done as a heel with his Tribal Chief character.

Names like The Rock, John Cena and Dave Bautista have gone on to find big success in Hollywood, and during an appearance on The Town WWE President Nick Khan indicated that WWE has plans to help Roman follow in their footsteps.

“We think he’s certainly up there. We have big plans to help him cross over, which we think will be great for him and certainly great to do with him.”

Nick Khan went on to say that he thinks The Rock was given advice to distance himself from WWE, and drop his muscles early on in his acting career. According to Khan, The Rock realized that certain roles weren’t working for him when it came to his acting career and Vince McMahon helped him with a course correction.

“One of the people, Rock has shared with me and Vince has shared with me, Rock called was Vince,” Khan continued. “Rock called Vince and said, ‘Hey, this is not working the way I think it should be working. I think I want to reattach to WWE and I think I need to get a new agent.’ Vince helped him do that, and Rock was on his path that he’s on now.

“The inner voice has to match the outer voice. It’s the same thing with our characters. Rock, John Cena, Stone Cold, Roman Reigns. Who they are now is who they are in real life, just amplified. That tends to work best for us. When you miscast someone, it never works in the film business.”

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H/T Wrestling Inc.