The Grandest Stage Of Them All is so loaded this year WWE didn’t even need to put The Undertaker on the poster to get people’s attention. When you can stack a show so heavy that you don’t even need to include The Dead Man when hyping the big event, then you’ve done something right and WWE really did WrestleMania in a big way this time. You can argue about how they built toward certain matches because some things could have been done better, but with such a loaded card it might be hard to pick which match goes on last.

It could be funny if John Cena came out after the last official match and took the mic to plead with The Undertaker to emerge, but that match is likely going to be confirmed before the show. If the American Badass character re-emerges to face Cena then that might be worthy of capping off the Show Of Shows with The Undertaker two years in a row.

One fan asked Dave Meltzer if people would leave early if Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar were to go on last at Mania because the outcome is universally expected (pun intended). The reply was a simple “no” but that just shows that even if WrestleMania goes off the air this year with Roman Reigns holding the Universal Title as predicted, it’s still a moment people will want to see when it happens.

Love him or hate him, but the Big Dog is effective because if you love him then you cheer and buy his merch but if you hate him then you still boo and that’s a desired response as well.

Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle’s match against Stephanie McMahon and Triple H also has a large possibility to headline the big show. After all, even though Rousey is green as grass she will still draw eyes to WrestleMania and it wouldn’t be surprising to see Rousey and Angle celebrating as Mania rolls off the air at around midnight on the east coast.

Yes, WrestleMania is set to be seven hours this year which might sound ridiculous because it is. WWE historically doesn’t have their lineup for the Show Of Shows together until closer to the event so they still have time. But it’s still important to note that no matter what match WWE chooses to cap off WrestleMania 34 in NOLA, it’s going to be one worth watching.