The annual Royal Rumble pay-per-view is quickly approaching, and it was recently announced that Brock Lesnar will be entering the men’s Royal Rumble match at number 30.

Fans are always hoping to see a few surprise appearances in the Royal Rumble match, and this year CM Punk’s name seems to be at the top of the list in regards to wrestlers fans want to see in the match.

The fans aren’t along, as WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray recently talked about a possible CM Punk appearance on Busted Open Radio, and he pitched an idea for CM Punk to come out at number 30.

“Check this out. Brock is standing by himself, end of the match, everyone’s out. Who the hell is gonna be number 30? Punk’s music hits. The place is gonna go absolute bat sh*t crazy. Yes or no? What would the look on Paul Heyman’s face be if CM Punk is coming to the ring against his beast,” Ray said. “Who else did Paul represent besides Brock Lesnar? Now he’s got his two guys. His biggest successes in WWE will now be standing face to face.”

“Punk enters the ring. Punk and Brock Lesnar are face to face. [The] hard camera shot shows them face to face and splitting right in the middle is the look of horror Paul Heyman looking like Kevin from Home Alone. With that look of horror on his face like ‘what the frick am I supposed to do now?’ I never saw this coming. I’m Paul Heyman. I’m the master manipulator. I’m the master chess player. I can outwork anybody in the ring and in the back, and now I am face to face with a situation that not even I saw coming. And Punk eliminates Brock and then challenges Brock for the championship. You don’t think that’s a WrestleMania main event that’s gonna put a**es in seats?”

There’s no denying that Bully Ray’s idea would make for a shocking moment, but CM Punk has given no real indication that he’s interested in returning to the ring.

One way or another it will be interesting to see who eliminates Brock Lesnar, if he gets eliminated at all.

H/T Wrestling Inc.