the rock

Dwayne Johnson found massive success in professional wrestling, but he had to change his name a few times before he eventually became The Rock. It was announced in February of 2020 that The Rock’s daughter Simone Johnson had signed with WWE, and not it seems that she has her very own ring name.

It looks like Simone Johnson will be using the name Ava Raine going forward as she recently updated her name and handle on Twitter. WWE filed to trademark “Ava Raine” with the USPTO earlier this month.

Simone Johnson has been training at the WWE Performance Center for a few years now. Unfortunately she had to take time off from training in September of 2020 to undergo knee surgery for a third time.

There’s currently no word on when Ava Raine will be appearing on WWE programming, but it’s possible that the new name could be an indication that she’s getting closer to making her debut. Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.