WWE is always looking to add as much talent to their roster as possible but it seems their vigor for scooping up the world’s best wrestlers might have been taken to another level recently.

When WWE is talking to someone about coming in to work for the company it’s important they make sure they’re not under contract anywhere else. WWE has a pretty strict policy about not talking to people who are under contracts with different companies and they avoid tampering at all costs. This has always been the general practice but it seems WWE might have broken their policy recently.

MLW was able to pull down a television contract and have signed a few guys for multiple years. But the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports WWE approached some MLW talent who told them they were under contract but WWE encouraged them to come down to a tryout “and be around the system” anyway. It was also noted that a focus seemed to be on the signing of MJF as well.

Let’s hope this doesn’t amount to any kind of messy situation like it did when WWE was talking to guys who would later become the Undisputed Era back when they were ROH. WWE wasn’t really supposed to talk to Cole, Fish, or O’Reilly and they got hit for it.

Brock Lesnar has held the WWE Universal Championship for 416 days at this point which is an incredibly long time for someone to hold a championship they rarely defend. It seems Brock Lesnar might never drop the Universal Title at this point because he keeps walking away as champion from every rare chance to lose it.

Pete Dunne is the current WWE United Kingdom Champion and he’s been a great representative of the roster for 368 days so far which isn’t too far off from Brock Lesnar.

It looks like Pete Dunne wants to face Brock Lesnar and he’s not the only one who would like to see this go down because The Bruiserweight vs The Beast Incarnate could tear any house down.