The split branded WWE features Raw and SmackDown Live as two separate teams with separate pay-per-view events but now it appears as though those two sides will be blending a little bit more. It was already announced how WWE could be adding another split brand pay-per-view with Money In The Bank this year but it appears as though they’re not stopping there.

If you bought a ticket to see Backlash in May then you might have noticed a rather interesting message coming from the venue telling you that this event is now an event which will feature both Raw and SmackDown Live Superstars.

This is rather interesting and led some to believe WWE could be abandoning their previous concept of split-branded pay-per-view events.

It would stand to reason WWE could be looking to go this direction. It appears as though they planned fewer pay-per-views for 2018 and it’s getting harder and harder to fill a full pay-per-view event with the storylines in just one brand let alone sell tickets. If you add in the fact injuries and other unexpected events can sometimes nix a big match on a card, then you’ve got a few good reasons to make this kind of decision.

Now it looks like WWE might be blending the brands for all future pay-per-views as well. When Dave Meltzer was asked if this was WWE’s direction, he didn’t have anything concrete to report since this story is rather fresh. But he did comment saying that he thought this was the case.

Either way, it’s certainly interesting and could lead to some very stacked pay-per-views along the way. If WWE continued to keep the brands separate for television purposes that wouldn’t be all bad. But it looks like both the red and blue teams could soon be preparing to do battle on the same pay-per-view events once more very soon.

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