There have been several developments in recent years that makes WWE programming even more enjoyable. From the usage of top-notch high definition cameras to the invention of the WWE Network, WWE should be applauded for all of the technological advancements in the past few years.

Now it looks like WWE is on the brink of something else and it could result in exciting happenings and new fan experiences. After all, virtual reality isn’t what it used to be either as the technology has gotten even bigger and more important over the years. Many companies use VR capabilities at this point and WWE obviously sees the value in this.

Just imagine a day where it didn’t matter where you lived in the world, all you had to do was buy a VR ticket and a stationary virtual reality camera in the stadium or arena could be your gateway to enjoying any event first hand. After the show is over, you wouldn’t have to worry about parking either because all you’d have to do is take off your headset. The concession stands would be much more price efficient as well if you got to use your own kitchen.

In an exciting announcement, WWE is partnering up with NXTVR to bring fans even closer to the action. The possibilities are endless at this point and if WWE gets ahead of the game, we could be seeing an announcement made for WrestleMania which includes in-stadium attendance along with virtual attendance as well as a separate number.

The future is bright, but depending on who you ask in WWE (especially NXT) the future is now.

NextVR and WWE Bring Fans Closer to the Action with Virtual Reality


NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. & STAMFORD, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– NextVR, the leader in broadcasting live events in virtual reality, and WWE today announced a new partnership to bring fans unique WWE experiences in virtual reality, featuring highlights from select 2018 WWE special events.

The virtual reality experiences will be approximately 10 minutes in length and available for free to fans globally on a new WWE channel within the NextVR app following each event. The content will provide fans with a completely new experience, featuring highlights from WWE’s biggest events including the excitement of the fans, athleticism of WWE’s larger-than-life Superstars, pivotal moments, epic showdowns and surprise appearances, giving them the opportunity to see the action as if they were there live.

“WWE is amazing in VR, and we know fans are going to love it,” said David Cole, NextVR CEO. “Our patented VR broadcasting pipeline will bring fans ringside with WWE Superstars to experience the electrifying energy and spectacle firsthand.”

“We are always looking to create compelling content across platforms, and we are excited to partner with NextVR to bring our fans closer to the action than ever before,” said Michelle Wilson, WWE Chief Revenue & Marketing Officer. “As the technology behind virtual reality continues to evolve, this is a unique opportunity for us to partner with NextVR, a leader in this space, to provide new experiences to our passionate fans around the world.”

For each production, NextVR will work alongside WWE’s award-winning TV and production team to position NextVR’s custom virtual reality cameras throughout each event to capture the most immersive views of WWE action.

Fans with a Samsung GearVR headset or Google Daydream View, along with a compatible smartphone, PlayStation VR, or Windows Mixed Reality can download the free NextVR app from the corresponding platform store to access the free highlights.