The Tombstone is one of the most devastating moves in professional wrestling history and The Undertaker has used the move to put away quite a few of his opponents over the years. But The Undertaker isn’t the only person to use the move, and a few of his opponents have stolen the maneuver from the Deadman from time to time. WWE recently put together a video looking at 6 stars who stole the move, and it can be viewed below.

This year Bayley will be defending her Raw Women’s Championship at the show of shows, and she’ll also be making her WrestleMania debut. The current Raw Women’s Champion recently spoke to Kingston This Week about the big event, and she admitted that she’s nervous.

“I’m very nervous,” she admitted about the Mania debut. “I’m nervous to impress people. I’m nervous to make sure that I can hold onto my title, I’m nervous to impress everyone in the back to make sure that this isn’t my last WrestleMania,” she added, only half joking. “But it’s such a good, nervous energy. I’ve always taught myself whenever I have big matches, I’ll just use Takeovers for example, whenever I had a Takeover match, right before I went out, I was just a mess … so nervous. I’d tell myself, if you can’t do this, how are you going to do WrestleMania? That’s kind of how I got through every match. And every match was OK and I was fine. I’ve been waiting my whole career for this match and now is the time to prove to myself I was meant to be here.”

Ticket sfor the NXT UK tour and Download Festival are available now, and Triple H encouraged fans on Twitter to get them while they still can.

Triple H also announced several upcoming NXT live events in the United States, and you can get more info on the events below.