wrestlemania 33

WrestleMania is creeping up on us slowly and there are a lot of things we can expect from the “Grandaddy Of Them All” this year. Although there are a lot of things that can happen in the rumored fourteen matches on the card on April 2nd, one thing that is certainly expected is for a few title changes.

CageSideSeats is reporting there are rumors floating around saying fans should expect at least three titles to change hands at this point. We can think of a few of them already. Goldberg will probably drop that Universal Title to Brock Lesnar and Kevin Owens will likely take the United States strap off Jericho. We’re saying this because as of right now it doesn’t look like Goldberg will be around after WrestleMania, and Chris Jericho currently has a tour with Fozzy booked for May, so it wouldn’t make much sense for him to get the win at WrestleMania 33.

One thing we don’t see coming, which we probably should is Naomi’s return. There are also rumblings she will be ring-ready by WrestleMania and that’s why the number of participants in the Smackdown Women’s Championship match has been so ambiguous at the moment. She very well might swoop in and swipe that pretty blue belt off of Alexa once more. But this time, it will be even more special for Naomi because they’ll be in her home city of Orlando.

If you loved Southpaw Regional Wrestling, you’re not the only one. There were so many moments that we missed the first time because we were laughing so hard that re-watching it is crucial to squeeze all of the comedy out of each episode. The fact is we missed a ton of funny because we were still laughing at something else. However, there are currently no plans to make any more episodes. This is a real shame because even Matt Hardy has expressed interest in joining the Southpaw crew.

But, it was in the intro of the show that only one tape exists of Southpaw Regional Wrestling, and I guess we already consumed all they had to offer. It really is a shame because this show should and could have been a pillar and a precedent in which to build future WWE related content.