Alberto Del Rio and Paige are constantly surrounded by controversy due to the nature of their relationship. On social media the two appear to be very much in love, but there’s absolutely no denying that their relationship has been a constant source of drama right from the very beginning.

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Over the weekend Paige and Alberto were involved in an altercation at the Orlando International Airport, and it was reported that Alberto was being investigated for domestic battery charges. The cops were called to the airport, and Paige later claimed on Twitter that they were the ones who called the cops after a woman threw a drink at them.

However, a witness who spoke to claims “none of that happened,” and added that Paige screamed, “You’re so abusive to me,” at Alberto.

The witness says she was dropping someone off at the airport when she noticed Paige crying while on the phone as she was standing at the entrance of a restaurant near a terminal.

The woman admitted to discreetly taking a picture of Paige before the former WWE Divas Champion entered the restaurant and then came storming out. Alberto Del Rio then exited the restaurant behind her and according to the witness he was “soaked” in liquid.

“He was soaked and she was saying, ‘You’re such an abusive husband, I hate you. You’ve ruined my life, you’ve ruined my career,’” the witness said. Alberto fired back with, “Check her bag, she’s got all the coke in it, it’s all hers,” the witness claims.

In regards to what started the argument, the witness claims Alberto said some negative things about one of Paige’s family members.

“From what I gather, he said something like, ‘I hope your f***ing uncle dies tomorrow, and grabs her wrist because he was mad she was on the phone for so long,” the witness said. “They wanted to leave, so he got mad and grabbed her wrist. She got upset and threw water on him and she ran out.”

Paige recently took to Twitter to ask everyone to send love and prayers to her Uncle Stanley.