Goldberg vs. The Undertaker has been a dream match for decades now, but many fans thought that it would never happen. However, WWE confirmed Goldberg’s return to the ring a few weeks ago when Goldberg vs. The Undertaker was officially announced for Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia.

Goldberg hadn’t wrestled a match since he dropped the Universal Title to Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 33, and The Undertaker hadn’t wrestled a match since the Brothers of Destruction were defeated by DX at Crown Jewel last year, but the two stars finally clashed on Friday.

Goldberg showed no fear when facing The Undertaker, and he mimicked a throat slash as they stood face to face, but Taker responded with a punch to the face.

Goldberg followed up with two spears to Taker, but Taker kicked out.

After a few minutes Goldberg got bused open after Taker sent him into the turnbuckle.

Taker hit old school, followed by a chokeslam and a tombstone, but Goldberg kicked out. The Undertaker went for snake eyes then tried to follow up, but Goldberg hit a spear then a jackhammer. Taker kicked out.

Goldberg went for the tombstone, but he and Taker both fell down as Goldberg lifted him up.

Taker then hit a choke slam on Goldberg to win the match.