If you were a fan of the OG Wyatt Family you know Luke Harper well. He’s a brute who can perform well outside of his weight class and he continues to impress every time he’s in the ring. There aren’t many big men who can fly like him and those who can are regarded as some of the greatest of all time.

Often compared to Bruiser Brody, Harper is an amazing entertainer who fans have the capacity to latch onto. During his match with Randy Orton, the fans even seemed to be turning to support him.

He was a babyface when he squared off against his former Wyatt Family brethren Erick Rowan but that feud was messy and ill-advised at the time. Roman tried to use his weird Slipknot inspired sheep mask to clock Harper over the head. At first, it worked but then it didn’t.

Luke Harper’s television persona seems to be somewhat dead in the water at this point. It’s a shame too because he has the ability to really entertain people if given the platform. He still pops up at WWE house shows and people are always happy to see him. He’s got one of the most impressive suicide dives I’ve ever seen, that’s for sure.

When asked what’s going on with Luke Harper, Dave Meltzer had a pretty good way to sum the whole situation up: “Luke Harper? You’re asking a question about Luke Harper? I don’t have any answers about Luke Harper. I’m baffled, there’s my answer.”

We have to agree with that one. There were rumors he might be considered as one of the Uggos who trashed Breezango’s office and murdered their stick horsey, Tully. But apparently, they’re just going to keep The Fashion Files as one of the only comedy shows WWE doesn’t cancel.

So if you’re wondering where Luke Harper has been, so have we. It would be nice if they just repackage him a little bit and had him resemble of his Brody Lee character from the indies. After all, that character got him to the dance. But only time will tell if and when WWE is going to figure out how to utilize his amazing talent they have on their hands.

Credit for the quotes in this article goes to Wrestling Observer Radio with a H/T to Still Real To Us for the transcription

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